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Checklist to Play Tennis in the Wind

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One thing I know for sure? When the wind blows it’s time to settle in for a day of patience and concentration, knowing full well there’s only so much in your control.

Typically at the end of the match, it comes down to the player who knew how to play the wind rather than their opponent.

Here was my best advice to handle tricky gales of wind whipping both the ball & us around with a mind of it’s own.

  1. Remember your opponent has to deal with the wind too. You’re not going to play YOUR best and they aren’t either. Every odd game you switch sides and double the fun.
  2. With the wind at your back – hit with more height or topspin. When the wind blows at your back many of your shots gain pace penetrating the court much harder. You’ll need something to keep the ball back in the court.
  3. With the wind in your face – forehands and backhands should be flat & hard. When the wind blows at you – realize many of your shots will lose pace and float shorter in the court.
  4. You can lob into the wind, but don’t lob with the wind at your back.
  5. Forget overheads out of the air… take it off a bounce to track it better & adjust. Then hit it over your head.
  6. On big points just get your serve in… forget the power.
  7. When you’re serving keep the ball toss lower.
  8. Move earlier than usual. Be patient and ready to make last adjustment steps.
  9. Strategy wise: Play to the middle more and forget the sidelines.
  10. One thing players shouldn’t do is complain.  It looks weak.
  11. Try and laugh through it as best you can.

how to play tennis in the wind


On a day like today the wind is a natural equalizer for both players. And the one with the positive mindset is better off.

Think about it players … if you go into the match knowing that your opponent may not like the conditions you might have a slight edge & win in the end!

Couple that with good tactics and you better your chances even more!

Remember Van Morrison famous lyrics, “Mama said ‘there’d be days like this”.

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