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How to cheat on tennis with yoga for adult tennis players

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tennis yoga for adult tennis players


Tennis & yoga for adult tennis players, now that’s a concept. 

As I stepped into the world of yoga for tennis, I was in for a surprise. I didn’t realize how inflexible I was – my shoulders, knees, hips, lower back, and even my ankles were tight.

I considered myself pretty strong, even in my late 40s. However, I quickly realized I had lost some of that strength. If you’re taking up tennis as an adult, you’ll need to work on your strength.

On the tennis court, I always stress the importance of balance. But to my shock, I found that I lacked balance myself. My right side was completely out of sync with my left.

I won’t even mention what I might look like in a bikini now! To say I was humbled is an understatement. I decided to give yoga a shot to boost my tennis game.

My strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance needed serious attention to prevent injuries and keep performing at my best. I had already lost my powerful first serve due to rotator cuff issues. My knees were becoming unstable, my hips were problematic, and my sciatica was acting up all the time sitting at a desk or taking long haul flights.

I was desperate to address these imbalances and show others that yoga could extend their tennis matches too. Personally, I preferred yoga for tennis over Pilates, mainly because of the breathwork. It’s not just about inhaling and exhaling. Breathing exercises like nadi shodana helped me stay calm & focused.

Imagine having simple breathing techniques to get into the zone before a match. It almost feels like you’re getting an unfair advantage.

Not everyone is into the spiritual side of things, so let’s keep it down-to-earth. Find a professional instructor who specializes in yoga for athletes. I found an excellent one on the island of Mallorca who taught me some clever pre and post-court stretches to prevent tennis-related injuries.

My highly certified instructor had an real knack for understanding the human body. I trusted her with my flexibility, strength, and balance, and it made a real difference.

For tennis players looking to up their game, yoga is a great addition. The breathing exercises alone are worth it. 

Find a certified Yoga instructor to work specifically on your tennis needs.

Finding a certified yoga instructor is crucial for adult tennis players seeking to incorporate yoga into their workout routines. A certified instructor brings expertise in the specific needs and challenges faced by tennis players, ensuring that participants receive tailored guidance.

Their expertise translates into a deep understanding of how yoga can complement tennis, improving not only your flexibility but also your strength, balance, and injury prevention. With proper guidance, tennis players can learn the right form and techniques that minimize the risk of injuries, such as those caused by overuse or strain, which are common in tennis.

A certified yoga instructor who works with athletes can adapt yoga practices to capture a tennis players unique moves and particular stresses the game puts on our bodies. They can identify specific areas where tennis players may need extra attention, whether it’s improving flexibility in the hips for better groundstrokes or enhancing core strength for a powerful serve.

Their personalized approach helps tennis players make the most of their time on the mat and translates into noticeable improvements on the court. By choosing a certified yoga instructor, adult tennis players can rest assured that they are in capable hands. No handstands necessary 🙂

Top benefit for Yoga for adult tennis players

The top benefit of using yoga for adult tennis players is the significant improvement in flexibility. Yoga helps increase the range of motion in joints and muscles, making it easier for tennis players to execute various shots and movements on the court.

Better flexibility allows players to reach for those hard-to-get balls, transition smoothly between shots, and minimize the risk of strains or injuries associated with the sudden and dynamic movements in tennis. It also aids in maintaining proper form and posture during play, contributing to better overall tennis and endurance on the tennis court.

Tennis racket & yoga mat is all you need

Here’s a full video to walk you through all parts of the body specific to tennis players who may are finding imbalances or pain. My first recommendation, never play through pain. Pain is full stop to keeping you in the game. Because once poor technique with repetition kicks in it’s not only a bad habit but likely a tennis injury. This video covers everything and may help you.

On our adult tennis camps we stress the importance of the right technique to keep you injury free. Tennis drills and practice sessions really demand repetition. Starting tennis as an adult is no small feat but it’s also a total blast! Most adults think they’re too old as an adult. Not true. WE only need to know our bodies well and where our weaknesses are.

As long as we keep an eye on potential pitfalls up ahead or at the start of a potential injury we can correct it immediately with the aid of yoga. Is yoga the only thing, of course not. But it’s easy to do at home – when we’re pushed for time but need a bit of self care.

I do believe that yoga is self care for tennis players.



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