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adults play tennis in Spain or Portugal

About Us

adult tennis camps and holidays, Mallorca, Portugal

Hi, I’m Rhonda Costa, Owner of Costa del Tennis for adults & Indie Tenis, heavy on juniors.

So you’re interested in getting away to a sunny destination & improving your tennis game?

Terrific. My goal for you is to learn a lot and send you home with noticeable improvement. In fact, it’s my promise to you.

Yes, it’s possible. It’s why adult players come to me & my coaches. Player’s from around the world often arrive frustrated about why they’re not making progress on court. It usually takes us about 3 minutes to figure it out, likely less, so you’re in great hands.

When I came back to tennis after a 7 yr. hiatus in the working world developing Serena Williams apparel line, I took some tennis lessons to gauge where I was at. I’d been in the tennis world my entire life so I knew the drill about coaches and their ambitions. I just hadn’t experienced it as an adult. I wasted time & money because as an adult I wasn’t an interesting prospect to coach like I was as a junior.  I had to ask for corrections, encourage myself and figure out life as an adult tennis player. I knew if I ever decided to  coach it would be for adults. I’d develop their game & direction and make their game as important & dynamic as I’d experienced as a junior. And that alone has been extremely well recognized.

Every adult has different playing goals and time limitations. But all of you want to get a great workout, play confidently, and feel seen knowing you in fact CAN become the player you want to be – whatever that means for you. 

Adults are the driving force behind the international world of tennis because you stay and play into your later years. 

Let’s quickly figure out how you learn best & create your best game together.

I WILL send you home with noticeable improvement. You can count on that. 😌

I give you my word ...

We’ll keep your court ratios small. Zone in on what’s  holding you back (footwork, balance, contact point, tactic) and make sure you’re clear on how to use the court to your benefit.

There’s usually one main culprit in your foundation that’s problematic and BOOM! A connection happens and things become clear and easier.

Even if you’re not going on tour any time soon 😉 we  want you comfortable knowing what’s going on out on court. Where you should be positioned and why? 

It’s important to keep it simple & focused so your personalized cues sink in for the foreseeable future.

Believe me it works.

Ready to play?

We’re not a 5 star resort holiday selling you a great hotel. You can stay at a suggestion of ours or settle on your own accommodation.

And we aren’t a hand holding tour operator guiding you socially every step of the way. But there are companies out there who will.

We socialize naturally while you’re in control of your social destiny. 

We’ve had players from over 31 countries come to play & return with us. And we’re very grateful to have found each other.

Our players are our own little tribe.

If that sounds like a good match… we can’t wait to play with you!