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I’m happy you’re here.

So you’re interested in getting away to a sunny destination and improving your game?

Terrific. My goal for you is to have fun and take your tennis game up a notch!

Yes, it’s possible. It’s why adult players come to me. Players travel passionate about tennis and travel.  But often frustrated about not making any progress on court.

When I came back to tennis as an adult I again took  instruction to gauge where I was at after not picking up a racket in over 7 years. I wasted time and money because no one took my progress as an adult quite like they did when I was a top junior or college player. I had to ask for corrections, encourage myself and figure things out. I knew if I ever became a coach it would be for adults. I’d make an adults game & development  as dynamic and deep as my coaches made mine when when I was a kid. 

I’d considered playing  competitive again. And you may want the same or maybe you just want to be able to rally well with friends or play local social events. That’s for you to decide.

You can absolutely become the player you want to be with the right attitude, direction and foundation.

After years in corporate working on Serena Williams apparel line at Puma, I decided on coaching but prefer to say simply, “I help adult players become their best on a tennis court”.

Adults carry this sport and I want to grow it. It’s amazing how much fun you all have together when you play well.

Too many adults get hung up watching professional players videos, desperate to reproduce it. Let the Pros do their thing and you do yours. Maybe it’s easier on your body and mind to blend a modern & classic approach – maybe 1 or the other.  Let’s figure out how you work best and go from there. See you on the island.

I give you my word ...

We’ll keep your court ratios small. Zone in on that one thing holding you back (footwork, balance, contact point) and make sure you’re clear on the benefits!

There’s usually one main culprit in your foundation and BOOM! Connection happens between you & the tennis ball consistently.

Even if you’re not going on the tour any time soon (none of us are 🙂

I just want you comfortable knowing what the hell is going on out there. Where you should be. Why? Where to go next.

It’s really important to keep it simple.

Ready to play?

We’re not a 5 star resort holiday selling you a great hotel. You can stay at a suggestion of ours or settle on your own accommodation.

And we aren’t a hand holding tour operator guiding you socially every step of the way. But there are companies out there who will.

We socialize naturally while you’re in control of your social destiny. 

We’ve had players from over 31 countries come to play & return with us. And we’re very grateful to have found each other.

Our players are our own little tribe.

If that sounds like a good match… we can’t wait to play with you!