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adults play tennis in Spain or Portugal

About Us

adult tennis camps and holidays, Mallorca, Portugal

Hi there!

I’m Rhonda Costa, the head honcho at Costa del Tennis for adults and Indie Tennis, where we’re heavy on junior tennis and adult beginners.

So, you’re thinking about catching some rays and upping your tennis game? No worries!, that’s my job. To give you noticeable improvement in a short amount of time. I’m dead serious about this.

And yes! It’s totally doable. That’s why many adult players come learn with me & my coaches. Adults from all over the world show up, kinda frustrated about not making much progress on court. But it doesn’t take us long, maybe 3 minutes or less, to figure out what’s holding you back. So, you’re in really good hands.

My own story? After a 7-year break, working in the real world on Serena Williams’ clothing line for Puma, I got back into tennis. I took some privates to see where I stood. Being a tennis player my whole life (junior & college tennis), I knew the coaching thing well.

But being an adult player was different. I wasn’t as interesting to coaches like I was when I was a junior player playing tournaments.

I had to ask for corrections, motivate myself, and navigate tennis as an adult. That’s when I decided if I decided to coach, it would be for adults.

I wanted to bring the same eye & energy to adult players that I had growing up. And that’s been a big hit!πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰

Each adult has their own tennis goals and time limits. But all of you want a solid workout, to play confidently and know that becoming the player you want to be isΒ  within reach.

Adults like you keep the global tennis scene buzzing because you stay.

We’ll quickly figure out how you learn best, then shape your best game together.

Sending you home with noticeable improvement is our review – so you can bet I’ll improve your tennis game. 😌