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About Us: Costa Del Tennis


I’m happy you’re here.

So you’re interested in getting away to a sunny destination and improving your game?

Terrific. My goal for you is to have fun and take your tennis game up a notch!

Yes, it’s possible. It’s why adult players come to me. Players travel passionate about tennis and often frustrated about not making any progress.

When I came back to tennis as an adult I took some tuneup instruction. I wasted time and money. Hard pressed to find proper corrections. I always had to ask – past my own frustration!

I was looking to play competitive again. Years after college tennis in Miami. And years in corporate working on Serena’s apparel line at Puma.

I vowed if I ever got into coaching to learn from the best, check!

And to take adult players seriously while keeping it real. Because your game has tremendous value to you on & off court.

Amazing how tennis can make you happier at work & home when you’re playing well and feeling good!


We’ll keep your court ratios small. Zone in on that one thing holding you back (footwork, balance, etc.) and make sure you’re clear on the benefits!

That’s right, there’s usually one main ingredient and snap! Connection happens between you and that tennis ball for good.

Even if you’re not going on the tour any time soon…

you want to be comfortable out playing with friends, club socials or even team matches.

And why not? You deserve it.

Here is the thing player...

We’re not a 5 star resort holiday selling you a great hotel. You can stay at a suggestion of ours or settle on your own accommodation.

And we aren’t a hand holding tour operator guiding you socially every step of the way. But there are companies out there who will!

We have a really good time naturally while you’re in control of your social destiny.

We’ve had players from over 31 countries come play & return with us. And we’re eternally grateful!

Our players are our own little tribe.

My mission is to make your tennis front & center. Real value on court is our focus.

If that sounds like a good fit… we can’t wait to play with you!

And the better Half is...

Come and meet us


Hi! I’m Janaina, the other half of Costa del Tennis!. I was born in the Canary Islands, Spain, but have strong family roots in Brazil and Argentina.

I completed my international Business degree in Spain. I was lucky to be able to complement my studies in Finland & Mexico.

My international background allowed me the opportunity to learn different languages. This serves me well to communicate with our clients from different parts of the world.

I’m based in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. You can contact me at janaina@costa-del-tennis.com for pricing, dates, schedule, accommodation, logistics or off-court questions.