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Adult Pádel Tenis 2024

Here’s an unexpected revelation –Pádel tennis (spelled tenis in Spain) has become the world’s fastest-growing sport, surpassing even pickleball!

A game that mirrors tennis in its use of a racket, tennis ball, scoring system, and a miniature court surface of artificial grass lightly sanded to allow for smooth sliding and precise ball control against glass walls.

Originally rooted in Mexico – now predominantly embraced in Spain, this incredibly dynamic, social, and competitive game is gaining fans worldwide.

What’s intriguing is that for tennis players, transitioning to a Pádel court feels instinctive.

Tennis players, particularly those skilled in doubles, find immediate success in Pádel due to its emphasis on volleys, strategic play, and rapid, sharp movements.

With a court shorter than tennis, an underhanded serve, and a scoring system identical to tennis, its become an absolute obsession in Spain!!

And few offer adult Pádel  programs quite like the Rafa Nadal Academy.

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