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Adult Padel Camps & Holidays 2023

Rafa Nadal Academy. Mallorca, Spain

I never thought I’d be saying this but here it is. Padel tennis (tenis in Spain) is the fastest growing sport in the world. Not pickleball – PADEL.

A game that mirrors tennis by use of a racket, tennis ball, scoring and miniature court surface of artificial grass lightly sanded to slide and grab a ball from it’s glass walls.

An enormously energetic, social and competitive game with roots in Mexico now dominated by Spain is finding fans around the world. And here’s the thing, for tennis players it’s an instinctive move from tennis to padel court. Tennis players (especially doubles players) excel immediately because padel’s dominated by volleys, strategy & quick sharp movements. A shorter court than tennis, use of an underhanded serve and scored the same it’s just an absolute obsession with players and spectators.

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So, have you tried padel?

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