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Best Adult Tennis Camps, Europe 2024

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Adult tennis camps in Europe 2024 are in full swing for adult players looking to fix their tennis game or simply, play more tennis. They do it with gusto and they do it on holiday – somewhere sunny, outdoors! An adult tennis camp where they can mix small tweaks with repetitions in laid back sunny destinations.

European adult tennis camps take them to destinations like; Mallorca Spain, Portugal’s Algarve, Gran Canaria & southern France. These popular destinations offer an escape from the gloomy winter months, certainly. But they’re hopping year round. In Europe, adults find solid adult coaching, softer courts, and a chance to train with fresh faces & test their new skills with some friendly match-play with players at a similar level.

As a Tennis Director with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in adult players, I’m watching a growing trend of adults joining tennis camps in Europe. They’re eager to improve their game or break bad habits that affect their confidence and consistency. My goal is to make sure they leave the camp with noticeable improvements in a short time.

adult coaching tennis camps europe

Raise your tennis level fast at adult tennis camps with expert coaching

My goal is simple: I make sure you head home with noticeable improvements in your game in a short amount of time. I’ll even give you a bitesize plan to keep getting better based on a video analysis that’s included in week long packages.

Adults looking to improve their tennis often arrive frustrated and confused at these camps. Here’s some advice: Make sure your coach is experienced with adults. Coaching adults is different from coaching kids, and it’s essential to have a coach who knows the ropes and is committed to helping adult players.

It’s not just about having a coach who was a great junior player or looks the part; it’s about having a certified coach who can connect with you emotionally and understand your unique challenges. Your coach should be able to adapt to YOUR needs and help you focus on making significant improvements during your time at the camp.

For instance, if you’re struggling with your forehand, your coach should quickly figure out what’s wrong and work with you to fix it. It’s a partnership where you and your coach collaborate to make your game better. If they have only 1 way to correct your problem that’s a bad sign. Think about it, adults learn in very different ways so your coach needs to be able to figure out quickly what you’ll resonate with the fastest and keep going! Once it feels right to you – it’s time to hit a lot of balls on repeat to break in a new habit your confident to hit back at home.

Why adults Flock to Europe’s Mediterranean for adult tennis camps year-round

Popular destinations for adult tennis camps in Europe are in Gran Canaria & Mallorca Spain, Portugal’s Algarve and the South of France. Not only are they lovely but have stable weather. These destinations offer not only great tennis facilities with softer courts but outdoor tennis weather year-round. Check out the temperatures from February through November when most adults travel to Europe for adult tennis camps.

Because there are very few indoor courts in these destinations you’ll want to know the best time of year to head there based on your preferences. Check out the table to find the average weather & sunlight in all 3 locations to get a better idea. If you do encounter rain, you can typically re-schedule the time for later in the day. But the truth is there are no guarantees.

MonthAlgarve, PortugalMallorca, SpainSouth of France
February15-18°C, 6-7 hrs.13-15°C, 6-7 hrs.10-12°C, 5-6 hrs.
March16-19°C, 7-8 hrs.14-16°C, 7-8 hrs.11-14°C, 6-7 hrs.
April18-21°C, 8-9 hrs.16-19°C, 8-9 hrs.14-17°C, 7-8 hrs.
May21-24°C, 9-10 hrs.19-23°C, 9-10 hrs.17-20°C, 8-9 hrs.
June24-28°C, 11-12 hrs.23-27°C, 10-12 hrs.21-24°C, 9-11 hrs.
July28-32°C, 12-13 hrs.26-30°C, 11-12 hrs.24-27°C, 10-11 hrs.
August28-32°C, 11-12 hrs.27-31°C, 10-11 hrs.24-28°C, 10-11 hrs.
September26-29°C, 9-10 hrs.24-28°C, 9-10 hrs.22-25°C, 8-9 hrs.
October22-25°C, 7-8 hrs.21-24°C, 7-8 hrs.19-21°C, 7-8 hrs.
November17-20°C, 6-7 hrs.16-18°C, 6-7 hrs.14-16°C, 5-6 hrs.

Here’s some key things to think about when you pick your next adult tennis camp in Europe in 2024

Let’s talk about how you can improve your tennis skills while having a great time. Here’s some helpful things you want to think about before pulling the trigger on your next tennis holiday – camp in Europe.

1. Choose a Good Coach: We covered this already but this is your most important resource towards your tennis improvement so I had to mention it. Let’s keep going!

2. Court Ratio – Get Personal Attention: It’s important that you get the attention you need. At any quality adult tennis holiday in Europe, the coach-to-player ratio must be low, which means you won’t be in a big group.

This way, you can get the help you need to make your game better. You never want more than 4 players to 1 coach and I personally prefer a court ratio of 1:3. Because now you’re really hitting a lot of balls! The more you hear the right verbal cues on repeat the better for your game.

3. The Right Tennis Courts: The type of tennis court you learn on matters. Some courts are faster, and some are slower. In Europe, especially the Mediterranean, you’ll find adult tennis camps with slower court surfaces.

For example, clay courts are great for improving your foundational game because they’re slower. In Spain you’ll also find lightly sanded Astro-turf courts gentle on your joints, so you don’t feel sore after playing like you would on a hard courts. Think of this surface a lot like a European red clay court only faster but not quite as fast as a hard court.

Who typically shows up to Europe’s adult tennis camps?

Adult tennis camps, Europe 2024

They typical players you’ll find on Europe’s adult tennis camps post covid are traveling solo, or maybe with a doubles partner. The bulk of adult tennis player levels fall into the intermediate category. Most adult players fall into a sub-category of; beginner intermediate, intermediate & advanced intermediate players. And of course you’ll always find more doubles players than single players.

Adult tennis camps in Europe 2024 lure players of all playing levels to outdoor destinations in the Mediterranean like; Spain, Portugal and the south of France for expert coaching & smart accommodation year round tennis especially in Winter months.

Gone are the days when the youngest participants in adult camps were between the ages of 45 to 75. Today, players are range from their late 20s to their mid-70s, creating a perfect blend of experience & enthusiasm.

Our overall goal is to grow adult tennis, so creating an environment where players feel confident, welcome, and assured they’re getting great value at an adult tennis camp in Europe is very important.

While other racket sports like padel and pickleball are gaining ground, adult tennis is also scaling new heights in Europe. Sure, the skill level may vary slightly due to the influx of new players post-covid, but this surge has injected fresh energy & diversity into the game AND this is a great thing for adult tennis overall.

While you’re on a mission to boost your tennis game, you’re also on holiday, right?

adult tennis camps in Europe

Our European adult tennis camps run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday, leaving plenty of time for remote work if needed. If you’re lucky enough not to have to check – in with work post play then the rest of the day is yours to rest or explore the destination. We like to socialize with players but your holiday your way.

Our host accommodations cater to modern needs, including reliable Wi-Fi connections. Players get their own flights and typically check-in on Sunday & out on Saturday after Friday’s training session.

In Europe, off-court you’ll find clean, inexpensive public transport to get around easily especially on bike. Massages, tours, cafes, restaurants – anything to break up your daily routine back home feels like a mini adventure away, in a good way!

In today’s post-covid landscape, things have changed a lot. Time is precious and attention is miniscule so waiting for hotel accommodation confirmations is frustrating and puts a full stop from getting good deals on airfare.

By having agreements with our host accommodations we offer you a direct link with our promo code to book exactly what you want and apply our promo discount code towards your stay. This way it eliminates the need for lengthy back-and-forth exchanges with hotels for availability and pricing. This helps ensure a seamless booking experience so you can feel confident to book your flights.

Or you can get your own accommodations close by the courts without any strings attached. Meaning we won’t surcharge you for not staying at our host accommodations. You’re always free to roam.🚵🏻‍♀️

Top Picks for Adult tennis camps in Europe for 2024 are simple choices

When you’re ready to embark and get out of town to up your game head to any one of our destinations for a great week away and an overall better game. Costa del Tennis specializes in adult tennis in Europe, 2024 year round. Spain (MallorcaGran Canaria South) or Portugal, starting at just 490 euros for 15 hours of top tennis coaching from Monday to Friday. Fly in on Sunday (or whenever you want pre-camp) and out Saturday post camp in time for work on Monday.

Need to make it a 4 day stay from Monday to Thursday and take less hours, you can do that too for 396 euros. But we require your presence from Monday – Thursday so that our program works for everyone. It’s a structured program from top to bottom. Groundstrokes, serves, net play, strategies and daily match or point play helps when we have the the right numbers.

Friday we do a video analysis on each player and offer you a bitesize roadmap to guide your game back at home. If you’re pressed for time, consider our Monday to Thursday option, priced at 396 euros – the only thing you’ll miss is more balls and the video analysis. Which some players are happy to miss.

But let’s be real, you want to see what coaches see, right? How else will you really know what we’re cuing you about or what you’re doing incorrectly AND what you doing really well!

You can make it an Instagram post or hide it away in a drawer – that’s up to you. But watching yourself on camera helps you understand your personal game – better.

Here’s our top adult programs for your best adult tennis holiday camps in Europe for 2024

Costa del Tennis
Rafa Nadal Academy Adults
Patrick Mouratoglou adults

If you decide on The Rafa Nadal Academy – feel free to use our promo code for any program at any time of year (IndieTENIS).

I don’t have to tell adult players who love to play and travel that mixing a focused morning with off-court rest or exploration away from home is necessary after being cooped up for 2 years in a pandemic. And while we’re happy to leave that part of history in the dust it has changed the tennis landscape immensely. People are on the move and I tell players all the time … don’t wait on accommodations – secure them as early as possible. Especially in these destinations because they often are now reserved at least 6 months out ahead of travel.

Have a question? Schedule a call here.

See you on court.



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