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Tennis Holidays in Europe unlock Active Lifestyles in the Sun

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It’s official!

You’re in the market looking for the best tennis holidays in Europe.

Even if you’ve never been to an adult tennis holiday before, you’ve heard good things about it.

Mixing tennis on a holiday make sense. We both know when you’re relaxed flow happens.

The research – Tennis Holidays in Europe

Some decades ago, when adults wanted to go on a tennis holiday in Europe, they would go to their trusted source – a club friend or their coaches.

They didn’t need as much research and reviews back then.

Now, it’s paid journalists who tell us the best tennis holidays in Europe!!

Tennis in the Algarve


Most don’t even play tennis. And of course I don’t mean all of them. Some are legit but most are paid.

I’m not a paid writer. I’m an American expat living in Spain. I know tennis from the ground up. I’ve taught adults for years.

I don’t go on tennis holidays in Europe or any other destination, but I teach them. And being reputable depends on people’s overall experience, trust and improvement.

Adult tennis holidays Mallorca 2023

I started advising adults, like you, years ago that wanted to travel alone for tennis holidays.

Families also contact me to see if I can organize a family getaway but unfortunately I don’t have a great program for adults and kids in the same location.

I do offer 2 amazing junior programs in Sarasota Florida and Mallorca, but my focus has always been adults.

european tennis holiday

My favorite

I understand adult players well. I’ve been working with them now for 15 years and I love them.

I never have to coax them to into a good mood. Their passion far exceeds juniors if you ask me.

After advising adults from the US for years I decided to create my own tennis holidays in Europe.

I started with holidays Spain and years after we opened a destination in the Algarve, Portugal.

If you want to check what I included in these programs see this link below:

To play with us check our Adult Dates & Destinations.


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