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Adult Tennis Programs

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adult tennis programs

With over two decades of experience as a tennis director working with all styles & levels of adult tennis programs, I can’t say enough about the fantastic world of adult tennis. The programs are like a hidden gem in the world of sports & recreation, just when you thought you were too old to play any sport past the age of 22. Tennis has no boundaries when it comes to age or skill level. There are adult programs out there just for you.

Adult tennis programs cater to all ages and skill levels. Players can choose from private tennis lessons, semi private classes, group clinics, cardio tennis, league tennis, club tennis, adult tennis tournaments and travel for adult tennis camps.

Maybe you’re starting tennis to keep active and healthy, but in today’s divided & ridiculously hectic world, it’s an excellent way to socialize, even travel – together, in real time.

Picture this: meeting age appropriate adult players once or twice a week, sharing a few laughs, and getting a workout in the process. Tennis mixes the perfect balance between competition and camaraderie. So whether you’re a seasoned player who’s been playing since juniors or just stepping onto the court for the first time, adult tennis programs provide a focused time for you to learn something new, get out from behind the desk, make new friends and play a life long sport.

A sport that doesn’t evaporate post college. Trust me, it’s a game-changer. I’ve been playing it my whole life & meeting new players from every part of the globe. Suffice to say, you will NEVER be too old to play tennis.

How much are adult tennis lessons and group clinics?

When it comes to adult tennis instruction, the costs can vary depending on a couple different things and where you live in the world.

Private lessons, give you one-on-one attention, that means you’re hiring a private coach to teach only you. If you pick the right coach it’s also the way you’ll improve the fastest. The lessons typically range from $50 to $140 per hour. The price will be based on the coach’s experience and the location of the lessons.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to join a group clinic, you can typically expect to pay around $20 to $40 per hour. Group clinics are an excellent way to learn & socialize with other adults, while keeping your budget in check. Keep in mind that if you’re taking group classes with more than 1 coach to 4 players on a court – that’s not to your benefit.

It’ll inhibit you from hitting enough balls to make real progress. You never want your court ratio to be more than 1:4 (1 coach per 4 players) Even better, if you get less players on court for that low price! It just means you’re hitting more balls – and well, that’s why you’re in a tennis class. To hit tennis balls.

These figures are ballpark prices, ok? It’s always a good idea to check with your local tennis clubs or instructors for their specific pricing. The investment in your game’s improvement is totally worth it, whether you choose private lessons or group clinics. After all, tennis is a lifelong sport made for adult lifestyles!

Is singles tennis good exercise?

is singles a good exercise

Absolutely, singles tennis is a fantastic workout that’ll leave you feeling both invigorated & accomplished as long as you’re at the level of being able to rally a ball back & forth at least 6 times. Otherwise your workout is likely you walking around picking up balls instead of hitting them. In singles you really need solid dependable ground strokes to keep the ball going.

Playing singles demands agility, endurance, and quick reflexes. It’s a full-body workout in disguise! You’ll be sprinting across the court, pivoting, and working your legs, core, and upper body as you chase down balls .

The constant movement not only improves cardiovascular fitness but also improves your coordination and balance. Plus, the mental part – the strategy and focus required adds an extra layer of pure WOW! The combination allows a player to enter a state of flow without even realizing it. From a personal aspect, this is my favorite part of the game – entering the flow state. It’s an undeniable, indescribable feeling. But you’ll know it when your in it.

Singles tennis is the kind of exercise that doesn’t feel like a workout because it’s so darn focused. Remember, it’s just YOU out there, covering the whole court.

That said, don’t count doubles out for a second!

Most players don’t play dynamic doubles because they’re not taught well.

Doubles is very dynamic game. Most times watching recreational players you’ll likely see 1 player moving for the ball but real dynamic doubles – has 4 players moving towards the same ball – at the same time.

The strategies involved are incredibly movement oriented. And even know you’re covering only your side of the court it doesn’t mean you’re not moving. In doubles, when you learn it well & play it with an advanced mindset – all 4 players are hustling, not only 1.

Adult tennis tournaments


Adults plunging into tennis tournaments is a big and often global move. Because adult tennis programs include adult tennis tournament offerings around the world – not only at your local club or neighborhood park. Players sign-up for tournaments not only for the competition but because it’s part of the lifestyle.

Adult tournaments offer players a chance to put their skills to the test- for real. They’re offered at all playing levels. From your local club or public park events to international tournaments for the heavy competition adults.

Entry fees typically vary depending on the level and prestige of the tournament, but generally range from $20 for local competitions to a few hundred dollars for higher-tier tournaments. Talk about a great experience! You challenge yourself, make new friends, and totally grow as a player.

Plus, the feeling of stepping onto the court in a tournament makes you feel alive if not nervous – all normal, no matter your age or level. Tennis knows no bounds, uniting and growing players from all over the world who share love for the game.

So, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned player, joining a tennis tournament is a fantastic way to stay engaged, active, and connected in the global tennis community.

Tennis travel, yet another adult tennis program

Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Tennis Tourney

The last adult tennis program I’ll mention is adult tennis travel. Most adults only think of kids traveling to junior tennis camps during Summer months. Adults travel for tennis too.

Adults have year-round opportunities to travel for adult tennis camps. Around the world they’re most notable on the Mediterranean, Florida, The Caribbean and any destination that has sunny outdoor play. Adults travel solo or with another player or a few players (double partner) to either improve their game, play with fresh adult faces, compare new game styles, play more tennis and visit really beautiful and laid back destinations!

We offer adult tennis camps & holidays in Mallorca & Gran Canaria Spain and Portugal’s Algarve {ALVOR} currently for 2024. The players we meet arrive a little frustrated because they’re eager to improve or fix something in their game. They’re also itching to get away from home and their daily grind. You can find our adult tennis programs here with dates and pricing.

As you can see player, the opportunities are there for the taking. You only need to get started. And when you catch that bug (and you will), you’ll want more. Your tennis improvement will NOT be linear, neither was Rodger Federer’s.

But remember, you’re an adult now. There’s no need to replicate your favorite pro. You want your own game style so we can admire and copy YOUR strokes and overall game from the sidelines. 😉



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