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Travel Talk – USC Standout Zoe Scandalis Talks Travel

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Costa: Where and when did you 1st travel abroad?

Zoe: I have been lucky enough to travel to many places from a very young age. I went to Cancun when I was four years old with my family but a trip that is very memorable to me is a few years after when I went to the Galapagos Islands. The wildlife on the Islands is truly incredible, it is like no other place in the world.

Costa: I’ve read in a past interview that you have an interest in Spain. What attracts you to Spain?

Zoe: I went to Spain last summer with my family. The country is so unique and some of the small towns I really loved exploring. I was really interested in going to Spain because I loved hearing about their culture and who wouldn’t be interested in the country that Rafa is from? 🙂

Costa: What is your traveling personality?

Zoe Rockstar!

Zoe: Traveling is so wonderful because you get to meet so many people that have such diverse backgrounds. The reason that I am traveling normally determines what I am looking for when I am there. When I go with my family on vacation I look to relax and be free to explore where ever we are. If I am going abroad for tennis there’s much less time to see the cities and explore so the experience becomes unforgettable by the people I meet and get to know when I am not on the court.

Costa: What is your traveling style? Off the beaten path, travel in style or cultural?

Zoe: …this is a hard question for me 🙂 I would say my style is between a girl who travels off the beaten path and a girl who travels in style. I am pretty flexible, I will do whatever my family wants to do and be happy as long as we are all together.

Costa: Who would your favorite travel companions be?

Zoe: I love traveling with happy people who are grateful to be wherever we are. Being with someone who wants to soak up the experience of being in a new place is always the best. Bonding with family members and enjoying those moments with friends when your stomach hurts from laughing so much is priceless to me.

Costa: Why is travel important to you?

Zoe: I feel like it’s so important for everyone to have a broader understanding of the world around them and learn about people that are different from you. Traveling helps you grow as a person and it enables you to obtain a greater perspective on life. I am so lucky to have had so many opportunities to travel around the world. Not only have I loved so many of the places that I have visited and learned to respect and understand other cultures but it has really made me appreciate my home in Southern California when I return from a trip.



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