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Winter tennis camps under the sun are here again for international players

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We all have Winter problems and the solution to many is called Winter Tennis Camps.

If you’re anything like me you start stressing out come late August.

Here you are, playing tennis outdoors with friends & family.

Minding your own business at your club, having a total blast and along comes Old Man Winter!

Tennis was made for Summer time.

You know that!

You enjoy playing more and weekly socials are off the hook!

You’ve got your fitness routine on a roll, legs are strong and tan.

Cabin fever is far from your mind.

But as daylight hours dwindle and nights start to cool, signs start appearing that indoor tennis is well on its way.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bubble or indoor facility the game goes on…but not in the same way.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to drive with 3 ft snow only to get to your indoor facility and find dimly lit courts set against ugly back curtains.

You don’t appreciate the bounce of the hard courts and your body doesn’t either.

Truth to be told.

Who wants a cold indoor facility with crappy lighting when you can take the sun and a break from the ordinary?

Not to mention selfies in the sand free of charge!

I’m talking about Winter Tennis Camps in the Algarve and in Gran Canaria.


Why Winter Tennis Camps in Portugal and Gran Canaria?

And for Europeans:

  • Inexpensive & short flights
  • Same or similar time zones

winter tennis camps

Sure during the Summer you have many tennis holiday options in Europe, but during the Winter Portugal is the place to go for tennis.

It feels a lot like a total adventure!

You’re in a new country playing with new & like minded people.

And if you’re like me, you like the international set from around the world, rather than only from your own country, which makes it even a bigger adventure.

Sometimes breaking away from the ‘sameness’ is a pleasant surprise too.

You get an endorphin rush! While Winter blues are outta sight.

Winter Tennis Camps will make you burn some calories so enjoy that local cuisine at night with your new friends – guilt free!

After intensive hours at play, you’re ready to go back home and apply everything you’ve learned!

You not only go back stress free and with a tan but you start work fully recharged and energized. Your boss should love this, don’t you agree?

For the love of sunshine, get me to the Algarve!

Join international players at Winter Tennis Camps

–> To play with us check Portugal tennis camps or Gran Canaria tennis camps.


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