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Timea Babos WTA Tour Player

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Straight Talk with Timea Babos!

Costa del Tennis interviews Timea Babos, now 20 – turned pro with a current WTA singles ranking of 117!  Timea’s from Sopron, Hungary, had an amazing junior run taking home  the French, Wimbledon, and US Open Junior Doubles Titles with Sloane Stephens!  And has earned more than $300000.  That being said, she moved through 14′s, 16′s, & ITF Senior events right onto the WTA Tour, and not slowly!  And you can’t help but get the feeling she has done so, with a tremendous amount of grace.  She began playing at age 8 with her dad, Csaba Babos.  Truly, a triple threat and a very dedicated, deserving & busy girl!! Timea Babos is learning the world around her both on and off the court

Heló and Üdvözlöm Timea!!! 

Costa: Do you have a nickname?

Timea: My nickname is Motty, U wont understand it, it’s Hungarian, and I can’t even explain it, it’s so special…

Costa: Your favorite court surfaces are grass & hard court…clearly you like a fast game! How do you characterize your playing style? Do you often train on grass?

Timea: Yes I like them.  I like a quick game, but nowadays, I actually started to enjoy playing everywhere. I think it’s important to practice and play matches on every surface, that will help my game in the future.

My biggest advantages are my conditioning, my fighting spirit and attacking game.

Costa: What do you do to stay both mentally & physically fit for competition?

Timea: I have weeks when I’m just practicing and preparing for tournaments, so there I have 2 daily fitness sessions and usually 2 or 3 lessons with a psychologist. I think both are very very important, to play tennis is not enough these days, now u have to be very strong physically and mentally, so I try to just do the best possible things

Costa: You’ve WON 3 Junior Doubles Grand Slams with Sloane Stephens…which is your favorite Slam to play?

Timea: I think Wimbledon is the best one, because everyone loves watching tennis there, Juniors are as big of stars as Seniors, so I like Wimbledon the most! But I mean, to win RG, or the US Open, is just as wonderful, as to win Wimby…

Costa: Clearly a Triple threat Doubles Specialist…what is your winning component in doubles?

Timea: I have learned how to play doubles, which obviously helps a lot, because not many people are learning how to play that game. But I also love playing it, because it’s so much fun! Especially with a great partner, like Sloane…

Costa: What’s the  biggest difference between Juniors & Seniors?

Timea: Again, everyone feels different things…for me it is the concentration. In Juniors u can have little periods when u r not focused, but if u do that in Seniors, u will lose very easily.

Costa: Most of your videos are in Hungarian (Magyar) but you also speak English very well. What age did you learn English? Do you speak any other languages?

Timea: I started English when I was like 8, but since I’m traveling I can always pick up new things, so tennis and travel helped my English a lot…I also speak German very well.  I started it even earlier than English, but because I’m not using it as much, it’s a bit worse, but still fluent.

Costa:  Best shopping… London, Paris, New York or Australia?

Timea: I love New York!  That’s the best place for me, but u know everyone is different…

Costa: Where do you love to vacation?

Timea: At home, I just LOVE being at home, just being with family and friends, I think that is the best place to be. But at some point I wanna go to Hawaii

Costa: Köszönöm Timea and our very Best for the New Year!

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