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Why Tennis Improvement Hinges on the Right Repetition

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tennis repetition for adults

Repetition in tennis is a term you’ll hear and do a lot. But are you certain you’re practicing the right way? Because tennis improvement isn’t a guarantee if you’re working on the wrong technique. Especially in the initial stages of the game, your technique holds significant importance—it’s essentially your foundation.

Technique is a topic we emphasize when you’re just starting to learn tennis. You’re not going for perfection. You’re going for a solid foundation to grow.

For adults, time is often a precious commodity with various responsibilities on their plate. However, once you decide to make tennis a significant part of your world, technique becomes paramount as you begin learning.

I prefer avoiding heavy technical talk as it can quickly lose the interest of adult players. Keeping it simple is crucial.

My focus is on working with adults aiming to get on with it. Adults who really want to learn so they can get playing. To much technique, technical jargon and players get overwhelmed & tight.

Most adult players I meet during tennis holidays are eager to enhance their skills to get to the fun part, playing. Full respect!

In the post-COVID era, with a new wave of players joining the game and learning its ropes, I have a Huge TIP for you.

Don’t follow the trend or fads in the game right now. Everyone will tell you you have to hit in a particular grip for topspin, take the racket back modern, or that there’s secrets to hitting the perfect ball like Rafa in under 10 minutes. Not true, none of it. Your concern at the beginning is are you learning and repeating the right way?

You’re likely not looking to turn pro at the age of 26 or 45 yrs old. You’re likely getting into the game for the fun of it. The lifestyle that’s coming and you want to play your best. That’s what 98% of my players want from the game. And they can have it with the right repetitions at the beginning of the game,

The Undeniable Impact of Repetition in Tennis

tennis repetition works when you practice the right way

For beginners and improvers or early intermediate players your technique will be the basis of your game.

Your tennis strokes, tennis grips and movement should initially be challenged and worked on with a certified tennis coach.

Picking the right tennis coach will help make all the difference in the world. Adults would do well to find a tennis coach who’s been around the game awhile. He/ she doesn’t need to be an ex-professional tennis player or the most expensive tennis coach.

You’ll need a coach with some real emotional intelligence. Someone with patience and someone who enjoys working with adults. You’ll feel that from a coach pretty quickly. For that reason start with a recommendation and watch one of their them coach someone from the sidelines before jumping in.

I see too many tennis parents who want their player to turn pro spin to a new tennis coach every 6 months or so and the player is never making any real progress because of all the changes to the foundation. It’s as though the technique never has a chance to move on and into what happens next – making necessary adjustments your technique.

When I got into the game I had no money and no family who played tennis. It was the greatest accident that ever happened to me – finding tennis. I hit the back of a wall for the longest time, happily. I did have natural talent and good hand eye coordination but I had no coach.

No second pair of eyes. I had no corrections. I had no idea what I looked like hitting the ball. Back then there were no camera phones, gadgets or secrets to the game. There was perseverance & true love. Nothing felt better to me than finding that sweet spot every time with a ball that always came back.

So for beginners I have to advise getting into tennis lessons with a coach who’s on your team. Get yourself into private lessons or group classes even, simply to have the eye on you that you need.


Because if you’re practicing repetition and it’s the wrong repetition – you won’t improve. In fact you’ll likely go backwards and won’t understand why. If you want to use only Youtube videos to build your game, make sure you are putting yourself on camera each time. Do you look like the coach in the Youtube video? Would you even really know?

The other thing I see is newer players taking a lesson or 2 and then running out to rent a the ball machine. I love the ball machine!! But not to stand there hitting the incorrect technique on repeat. I won’t even tell you to go hit a wall on repeat if its the wrong repetitions. Think about your money and your time, well.

Believe me, I know how many times you adults go and pay for lessons only to have a coach stand there and feed balls without making smart corrections or any corrections at all. That’s why it’s important to ask around and find out who people are finding success with and who really likes working with adults.

Because remember, its adults who come to the game and stay.

If you’re taking group or private classes at home and not hearing the right things or having coaches let you get away with not teaching you the correct grips, swing path, balance … then again, you’ll be building an incorrect foundation. And will absolutely get halted early on in your tennis career with real frustration.

Remember if your foundation on your 6 tennis strokes is really poor those repetitions you’ve been drilling down on make it harder to correct later on.

Making Strategic Adjustments in Tennis

adult tennis player repetition

Remember, perfection in this game is futile. So go for solid foundations and the understanding that you will make mistakes and things will break down at some point. The do for everyone. Even the pros.

Once you’ve diligently practiced the right repetitions to solidify your tennis foundations, the next crucial step lies in the art of making adjustments.

These adjustments, often subtle and instinctive, become second nature when your foundation is secure, and the desire for precision in your shots intensifies.

Whether you’re aiming to hit specific targets or execute deep lobs within the court, these nuanced adjustments emanate from your subconscious understanding of how to achieve your desired outcome.

If your shots are veering off-course, it might be time to tweak the spin or speed.

Struggling with serves hitting the net? Perhaps a slight adjustment in your reach as you meet the ball toss could be the game-changer.

While us coaches can offer insights into potential improvements, the essence of effective adjustments often stems directly from you, the player.

Whether it’s refining your volley for a specific court placement or manually aligning your racket face towards the target, adjustments become the linchpin beyond mere technique, marking a pivotal impact on your tennis game.

In our adult tennis camps in any of our locations so much of what we do works these two monster categories of your tennis; repetitions and adjustments. Once you get an understanding of the importance of both you’ll be on the right track packed with confidence and virtually unstoppable!

With love from Mallorca~



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