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Tennis Coaching Holidays abroad with your game top priority

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Ever Gone on a Tennis Coaching Holidays abroad with Lame Coaching?

Most have. It sucks. You feel robbed.

So let’s not make that mistake again, shall we!

Get these 4 things out of the holiday and you’ll feel A-o-K!

  1. The right destination because you’re not going to be 24 hrs on court and it’s a holiday after all.
  2. Reputable coaching via friends, testimonials and videos so you know a what to expect.
  3. The truth about the court ratio. You can’t possibly improve your tennis game without hitting a lot of balls!
  4. The typical nationality of other players…are the all from the same country or do they come from all over the world

Pick a Smart Tennis Coaching Holidays abroad


A place you’ve always wanted to go but never had the chance or time. A destination popular with others so there’s a player pool of others interested in traveling too.

Think about it.

I read a lot of tennis forums. Players complain about the lack of people on their tennis coaching holidays abroad. But they travel to places like Germany, Serbia or even Italy’s indoor courts in January!?

By the same token Florida, Texas and Dubai are probably slower months on court in August for due to excessive heat.

If you’re a true die-hard adult, you should be looking for private coaching. Someone dedicated to you completely. Your physical training and recovery. Even dietary plans tailored specific to your tennis game.

But that’s not the majority recreational players now, is it?

*Bonus. What’s the Culture Like?

What does the lifestyle and culture look & feel like to you?


I did a tennis coaching holiday once in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It wasn’t for me. It felt postured.

It had nice beaches and accommodations & I did  gain from it. But the passion was missing.

Trendy spots right now?

For obvious reasons, adult players look for trendy places tooted in editorial write-ups.

Scenic places where they can take sun and hang out with others sightseeing after playing.

Adriana Beach Hotel, Algarve, Portugal

The destination should make you feel warm, fuzzy & safe. Trendy spots in 2018 are The Caribbean, Mediterranean, Dubai and Portugal to name a few.

Tennis Coaching holidays: Let’s Break it Down

Your tennis coach should be easy to understand and interested in coaching adults.

You may not know the difference but I do.

Coaches should be engaged, knowing your goals and checking in with for feedback or better yet, they should have the ability to read your body language and adapt.

No cell phones or incessant positive reinforcement when your balls are flying out of the gate.

You don’t need open stance all the time, western grips and a kick serve to play this game well.

Cut to the Chase

Drills are fine.

In fact they’re necessary. But without knowing the when & why of a drill they don’t help you. They only move you.

If you don’t leave understanding drill patterns and why you’re doing them – you won’t apply them in Live Ball or matches.

So what good are they?

Most adult tennis players love this game! They look for winning less frustration, less pain and eventually some results.

coaching tennis holiday in spain

True gain is when you’re down – and you know how to dig yourself out. You know how to swing the momentum – fix your own damn problem.

The right coach puts you in total control of your game. Including everything from technique to shot selection and basic strategy in the easiest possible language.

Emotional Intelligence

My greatest asset is being able to read people. Dive in when I can – pull back when necessary. And to know how much you want vs how much I can get out of you – for real.

My coaches know they’re biggest asset is reading body language. People are either happy or pissed and it fluctuates each day. That’s ok as long as they’re on it. Getting a result from you by Friday.

Court Ratios

Advanced training can’t happen with too many players on one court.


It is very hard for coaches to service too many peoples needs on a court with 5 – 6 people.

It is hard for players to make an impact on their coaching tennis holiday if they can’t hit enough balls.

Boredom will set in and the momentum goes out the door.

If you’re looking for value, keep the court ratios low.

1:3 or 1:4 tops! That means one teaching pro to 3 or 4 players.

You will always know the truth behind someone coaching tennis holiday based on this one aspect. How many people are they putting on a court.

They are either looking for more money or player results.

Keep your eye on the prize and you’ll find your perfect tennis coaching holiday.


To play with us check our Adult Dates & Destinations.


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