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Adult Tennis Camps – A Fast And FUN Way To The Joy of Tennis

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I’m going out on a limb here and say you’re a tennis player with a strong appetite for your game and an energy for life you’re not yet ready to resign?

Well, don’t just sit there! Spice it up and add travel to your next adult tennis camps…and yes during the Winter too!

You remember the book, The Joy of Sex, by Alex Comfort released in 1972? That book sat on the NY Times Bestseller list for 11 weeks!

He did a whole series of these books…

I often think Mr. Comfort missed an opportunity not picking up a racquet. Because I see all kinds of ‘joy’ on court in adult tennis camps.

I can’t tell you the many times I ask clients directly, ‘what does the game bring you personally’?

The most popular answer? Joy.

I feel it’s adult players driving the game. Adults show up with mucho gusto! Eager to improve, break a sweat, get their heart racing & fire up a healthy glow!

At least in my camps.

What’s Better than an Adult Tennis Camps …

When adult players board a flight for tennis resorts or coaching holidays instead of local club camps – 3 things dominate the trip!

#1 Improve their game.

You can’t do that with high court ratios.

Players want to be adequately pushed. Understand basic strategies for singles & doubles to be played in LiveBall or matchplay.

You guys love the action when that ball goes LIVE!

adult tennis camps

When adult players come on adult tennis camps with daily instruction they work strokes with drills and footwork. You really want to be doing it technically correct! Otherwise good results are massively inconsistent.

Adults are eager to get playing the game quickly. Due to limited time and life responsibilities. But a keen eye to improving strokes can also keep you injury free.

Being injury free is a key ingredient to keeping your progress moving forwards and not getting stuck at a certain level because you body shuts down on you.


Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

If you started the game much younger and re-entering again, yes, game’s changed.

Even though the classic era’s over its shot selections and all court game are 100% relevant.

It’s ALL good. Adult tennis camps blend the best of classic and modern tennis for sure. It’s important to work your game to your style & athletic abilities to get YOU – the best results.

We want you feeling totally relevant & inspired but we also want you playing real tennis – injury free.

And you want that too. Otherwise the game’s not worth your efforts or aggravations.

When traveling on your own, getting out of your comfort zone solo traveler style can be liberating! And most of our players are solo travelers but not for long. Because tennis has a way of bonding you immediately to others for obvious reasons!

Birds of a feather flock together and that one unifying passion leads strangers to lifelong friends.  Many times, future travel companions on their next tennis trip.

Get Out of Town!


The moment you pack your tennis bag and board that plane? You’re on an adventure!

It was always a dream as a top junior to play internationally. I never did. But I love giving adults the chance to experience the essence of this international game – players and styles from around the world.

You’ll train together, play friendly matches and make new tennis friends to enjoy on holiday.

The Climax of Adult Tennis Camps


Sport travel as an adult adds a real air of optimism! You’re traveling for your game and hopefully a new place you’re curious about.

The sports culture very naturally connect players and opens doors.  I don’t know about you but when I travel I grow. I see levels of generosity and kindness I forgot I had.

Letting your guard down and sharing the simple things with others open to great stories and good times!

The destinations are simple, tasty and beautiful. Often in the best climates in the world.


The best part of your adult tennis camps? The residual effects.

The instructional cues have had time to marinate back at home. You’ve built in the time to figure out your game.  Understand strategies and fix your technique.

In reality, you need to return home and keep implementing said cues. Let it come back to you over the next months.

Trust the instructions & yourself. Before long you’ll know what to do in points, matches, situations. You’ll stop being fearful in matches and start finishing strokes.  Instead of pushing the ball. That’s a big difference!

And then? The wins come!

Wins never come for ANYONE, right away.

Eventually, I get the call from a client celebrating the first big win! I always get it.

And this is why I know it’s YOU, adults who’s driving this game. The action is so addictive you  won’t give up. Who would, it’s fun!!

And for that, I won’t give up on you.

To play with us check our Adult Dates & Destinations.


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