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So you’re looking for the best tennis academy in Barcelona?

It’s no secret there are many good tennis academies in Barcelona.

Barcelona is known for having one of the top academies in the world.

It can be the great choice for those looking to train on clay and compete with top players.

The Biggest Brand Names doesn’t Equal the Biggest Results.

best tennis academy in barcelonaThere’s no reason to assume that the Biggest Brand name is the best tennis academy in Barcelona.

I’ve learned the hard way that the ones you find through digging a little are your best true value.

As far as cost, court ratio and level of teaching pros.

You don’t want to travel too far to have junior pros who are nothing more than ball feeders.

Court ratios with 5 – 6 players to a court or 2200 euros for a week training (including accommodation).

You’re looking for as much personalized attention as you can get in a group setting and many times big brand names only take really good care of their “really good players”.

Best tennis academy in Barcelona has clay courts

barcelona tennis academyThe clay is a serious contender in itself. Barcelona red clay courts are all over Barcelona facilities. Red clay is the very slowest surface in tennis.

It requires patience, stamina, focused concentration and thought.

Clay demands you play by its rules and its timing and the wins will come. So does a players confidence.

It lets you see your weaknesses clearly and gives you ample time to correct them.

Quality of the Clay

Not all clay courts are maintained the same. The quality of your clay court training impacts your experience. Because how often do you get to play on red clay?


It’s no secret Barcelona enjoys many days of sunshine through the year, but that doesn’t mean you can find a rainy day..or even a rainy week.

Just be aware there are no indoor facilities other than the Federation. These indoor courts are the only ones in the city. They’re hard-courts and they’re obviously in high demand come rainy days.

Things to consider

The best tennis academy in Barcelona for your players may be actually outside of the city.

Many Barcelona tennis academies or academies sit well outside the city limits.

Where staying outside of the city makes renting a car worthwhile. Playing & staying inside the city makes having a car a nightmare and an added expense.

Most tennis academies in Spain DO NOT include housing and you also won’t find tennis resorts for adults looking for an all in 1 shop. But Barcelona is an easy place to explore AirBnB as well as 3 & 4 star accommodation closer to the city.

ah..and if you’re a an adult player looking to play ITF senior tournaments, Barcelona has many!

Our chosen academy


Because I learned the hard way that The Biggest Brand Names doesn’t Equal the Biggest Results, I chose a local academy for our programs…in the center of Barcelona!

They only run during July and most players are from Spain, but lessons are taught in both Spanish and English.

To play in Barcelona with top Spanish players check this program


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