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Top Summer Tennis Camps for adults at Insane Locations

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Planning Summer Tennis Camps for adults can be stressful and sneak up on us!

Trying to pick the right one is a whole other ball of trickery.

Somehow being indoors, cold for the past months, reinvigorates the internal motivation for your tennis game.

Most people don’t even know the parts of the world that govern the top tennis destinations for adults and if they do, most don’t have the guts to go!?

I’m talking about Summer Tennis Camps for adults in Spain and Portugal.

Tennis in the Algarve

Summer tennis camps for adults…abroad!

Why do I have to go all the way to Spain or Portugal?

Why change? Do you really have to ask?

It takes balls! Specially if you’re traveling alone.

But you’re changed afterwards that’s for sure.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary. Yet tennis makes it easier having that common bond.

Playing at international Summer tennis camps for adults sends a major spike in confidence and rush to your system.

Many times trips like this are life changers if they’re not game changers on top of it.

If I could choose any place in the world to be during Summer I would choose Mallorca and the Algarve.

And that’s why I set my adult tennis camp dates during the Summer in these locations.

There are so many gorgeous clubs, tennis programs and fantastic beaches…it’s pretty terrific!

Adult tennis holidays Mallorca 2023


Sure there’s tourists come Summer but these places are really divine.

Not to mention the quaint little fishing villages, local fiestas and beautiful clear waters to swim in.

It’s just a lovely place to visit in your lifetime!

This region hits the travel lists as ‘Must See’ destinations year after year.

You probably know that already but may believe it’s too expensive! It’s actually the opposite.

Take a look and find out for yourself.

To play with us check our Adult Dates & Destinations.


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