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Spring Break Tennis Camps Add a Whole New Spin!

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Let’s face it, if you’re hanging around this post, chances are a Spring Break Tennis Camp may be in your future!

Beaches, culture, architecture, nightlife and yes, tennis! It’s almost unreasonable not to choose to play tennis in these conditions during Spring Break. I have yet to experience anyone (old or young) return from our destinations with a lukewarm love affair.  On the contrary, it always excites feelings of; ugh-mmazzing, beautiful, blast, friendly, best tennis ever, can’t wait to go back.

Although it’s the fresh start of the school year, it’s never too soon to talk about that ‘break’ in the year that every young player looks forward to – Spring break tennis.  That 1 -2 week break before the final push of the academic calendar and the finale to your tennis season.

Easter Tennis Camps #playup

You can choose to do absolutely nothing on court or make it an invaluable experience both on and off court.  With airfares uncommonly low in March & April it’s a smart chance to experience a new country. Spring Break Tennis from Spain with love…

We know you love tennis, but it’s certainly not the only thing on your radar when you travel during Easter break. Nevertheless, the tennis should be educational and competitive! The match play not without challenge. The coaches not without heart.

In the USA the idea of Florida or Mexico for Spring Break seems, well, ordinary. Tennis Camps in Spain are not only a top choice for training or competition, but for a cultural experience. We’re pretty sure we’ve nailed the price making it a budget trip in style.  Spring Break Tennis Camps only take a mild case of tennis, adventure and the travel bug to set you straight.

Curious about our choices?

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The landscape will be different, so will the teaching, culture and food.  The neighborhoods in Barcelona (barrios) are some of the coolest spots curious minds want to know and in Mallorca you’ll explore a very special mini continent.

The language is beautiful to the ear so do try and speak to the locals & challenge your language skills, they’re always eager to assist if you stumble in any way.

Although our destinations are beautiful to say the least, the highlight here is tennis. Take a look at the destinations below and you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about:



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