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Back in the day with Sloane Stephens

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Back in the day with Sloane Stephens…

Costa del Tennis 1st interview kicked off with a Sloane Stephens interview as she entered the pro tour.  She chose to bypass college tennis and get her groove on the pro circuit.

Home Court Girl, Sloane Stephens is a true Pro!

This girl is truly something special because she comes with personality, poise, and athleticism that is rare. Also rare is an American girl on the pro circuit climbing steadily to the top.

Meet Sloane Stephens who’s America’s next hope.  Current ranking #17 WTA Singles!!

Costa: Hola Sloane, great name, do you have a nickname?

Sloane: Everyone calls me sloaney 🙂

Costa: What was your experience like playing for New York Buzz? The full team… rock & roll approach to tennis! Did you like this sorta team rowdy vibe?

Sloane Stephens, The Daily Fix

Sloane: It was awesome! I had sooo much fun and I totally want to do it again. We had a great owner (Nidy Singh) and she made sure everything was perfect for us and that made it so easy to go out and play.

Costa: BEST agency beat out some other heavy hitters (IMG, CAA, Octagon) to be able to sign you! What was it about BEST that stood out from the rest?

Sloane: I really had nothing to do with picking who, it was a matter of what company would fit me best and help me with my transition, which was BEST! I love my agent John Tobias because he’s so knowledgeable and helpful! Meilen Tu is also helping me a lot and she’s great as well.

Costa: You’ve mentioned the Williams sisters and Clijsters as being your favorites on the women’s tour! Great choices!! What appeals to you mostly in them -aggressiveness, poise, style, determination?

Sloane: When I was younger I never really watched tennis and Venus and Serena were winning everything. I just loved their look-they looked like me- and I said I want to win like them. As for Clijsters she is a great person and I love the way she moves and carries herself.

Costa: It seems when you ask any young player what they ultimately want from their tennis is to be #1 in the world. Do you feel the same? Is that your only & ultimate goal out of your entire tennis journey?

sloane-stephensSloane: Well, I certainly want to be the best player that I can be! My coach and I talk a lot about being the best person that you can be first, so that’s what really helps put things in perspective for me. My goal is to be the best tennis player and an a really good person. Both of those things take a lot of work-so let’s just say that I am a work in progress J

Costa: You chose home schooling instead of traditional high school? So many top ITF juniors choose this approach due to heavy travel…you’ve seen some pretty great places in the world because of tennis at a young age…any regrets to not going to traditional high school?

Sloane: Homeschooling is hard work because you’re pretty much on your own academically. Most of my friends are in/went to traditional high school so what’s great is that I can pretty much live vicariously through them. I love all sports so when I go home to visit my Grandparents in California, I go to the local high school basketball and football games. I would like to go to prom but if I don’t get to go, I’m sure that an amazing dinner with my family in Paris will make up for it.

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