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Sloane Stephens Straight Talk, part 2

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Costa: At what point did you wake up one day and say, “it´s time” to turn pro?

Sloane: Literally, I just woke up one day in October 2009 and told my mother that I was ready to go for it. I had a solid year in 2009 and we had talked about transitioning to the pro’s regularly. She pretty much placed the decision solely in my hands.

Costa: What is the biggest difference you found between juniors and the Pro tour? Did you enjoy juniors?

Tennis Australian Open 2013Sloane: I really enjoyed the Juniors. It took me a while to adjust to the travel from state to state and Country to Country. I think that the biggest difference is that the girls are more mature and established in their games.

Costa: Where do you train now and who is your current coach?

Sloane: I train with Roger Smith at the USTA training center in Carson, Ca

Costa: What part of playing tennis in your life was the biggest sacrifice?

Sloane: The biggest sacrifice that I have made so far would be giving up time with my family and extended family. I’m a family girl so I really miss them all! Other than that, tennis is no sacrifice!

Costa: You strike me as someone who balances tennis, friends and family – well! How do you do it?

Sloane: I keep my cell phone on at all times which is terrible (my coach hates it) and I send myself reminders 10 times a day. I talk to my family a lot and I try to stay in touch as much as possible because I’m not home all the time to see them. I facebook with all of my friends and twitter @sloanetweets !! I try to keep everyone updated so nobody feels left out!

Costa: What is your favorite tournament? What part of the world do you enjoy playing the most?

Sloane: My favorite tournament is Roland Garros (French Open). I love the architecture, the history. I just love Paris and it’s just amazing to be there.

Costa: Do you speak any other languages?

Sloane: No, I don’t speak other languages fluently. I know a bit of sign language and I can speak some phrases in the language of all of the Countries that I have visited.

Costa: When your not training & playing how do you kick back?

Sloane: I love to hangout with my younger brother Shawn. I play guitar hero, eat as much food as possible, and try to catch up on all of the latest movies in the theaters.

Costa: What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Sloane: My favorite vaca spot is the Bahamas and also Hawaii. My family goes every year without me 🙁 Maybe they will take me this year!

Costa: And lastly Miss Sloane, what’s the most important thing tennis has taught you to date?

Sloane: Tennis has taught me to be ME! I have learned a lot about myself through tennis and I’ve grown up in the sport (still growing up J). Discipline, respect for self and others are probably the best lesson.



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