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Single Tennis Holidays – Hit me with your best shot

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Hit me with your best shot … great title from Pat Benatar the singer.  Remember her?

C’mon player.

You and I both know that playing tennis in the sun  does more than just increase the percentages on your 2nd serve.

If done right, not only can single tennis holidays improve your game but enhance your entire life.

Chances are you need a little break in a warm spot where you can not only shake up your game, but meet other active and great people just like you.

But first, you’ve got to decide the destination. This is the very first step of your whole travel adventure.


My suggestion for Single Tennis Holidays after playing in more than 10 locations is simple.

adults play tennis in Spain or Portugal

Go to Spain or Portugal.

Here’s why?

    • Average 300 days of sunshine per year
    • Year round outdoor facilities making your suntan a great perk on your way back home
    • Terrific landscapes to see keeping you busy off court
    • Sundrenched beaches close by to eat locally & fresh
    • Flights to both destinations can be downright inexpensive.


Now let’s get into the tennis 

What surface do you want to play on?

tennis in Spain on clay courts

Clay courts are the most popular in demand, yet I’ve had some players request artificial grass because it’s what they play back at home and they don’t want to “mess up their game”.

Others love getting dirty in the dirt for the experience of the clay. It’s also easy on the body and slows the ball down. It’s good for learning, understanding and of course, conquering strokes.

Have you thought about the court ratio?

If you’re serious about your game you probably have.

For my adult camps I like 3-4 per court. The more balls the better the workout and progress! I’ve done 5 on a court once but it’s too many. There’s a ton of holiday spots that take up to 6! But I don’t want to be one of them. It means less balls & more waiting. Less value to be honest.

Game changing Single Tennis Holidays

If you’ve done single tennis holidays before you know it can be game changing. And not only on court.


Simple story. My New Yorker client David came to play with me (I’m the Tennis Director) for his 50th last year in Barcelona. I fell for this group pretty hard. They each had a really positive energy and to this day continue to travel together.

But it was a risk for David if you think about it.  His 50th was spent with new people getting back into tennis after playing college tennis.  New people, new place, surface and a milestone birthday. Takes balls, no?

They were fun, worked hard – laughed harder. It’s amazing how this game bonds people over their mutual love of tennis and travel.

When everybody is from a different part of the world, sharing experiences, you learn a lot.

I have to admit. This was a hard group to say goodbye to.


When David went back home he said it was a life changing experience! He went on to write an article in his local paper explaining what re-introducing tennis back into his life meant to him – turning 50! He also kicked a lingering pot habit and joined a men’s USTA 4.5 league.

For him meeting new people, having new experiences again and putting himself out there was easy because everyone already shared something in common – tennis.

He even fell back in love at work -with his company.

For me it was hard to believe at first, but when I think about it it’s really not.


Travel can really do amazing things to you.

It open your horizons, takes you out of your comfort zone, exposes you to different cultures.

Think about it.

It can really change your life.

It’s funny because on the phone David seemed a bit scared to risk coming out on a Single Tennis Holidays alone.

I didn’t know David at the time when we talked on the phone. He asked so many questions about the other players regarding ages & levels and where everyone would be from.  All very normal questions.

He also explained this was a gift from his family for his 50th Birthday.

I had to be honest and I say I couldn’t guarantee how people were going to be there that particular week but most people are naturally great when they’re on holiday. 99% are typically in a good mood and open minded.

They have to be. They’re travelling alone many times to a new destination.

So if you feel you’re anything like David just remember this:

Nothing ventured – nothing gained.

And this tennis game you’ve chosen to play, has such a great lifestyle attached to it. You’re bound to find awesome, healthy humans looking to have a good time and that natural flow we were all meant to connect to on court – and off.

Consider it a playful journey~

To play with us check our Adult Dates & Destinations.


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