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Chat soon, Sinéad

Thank you for a fantastic week. Enjoyed every moment and have learned loads. Looking forward to putting it all into practice now ?



Swamy from UK

I played competitive tennis at a junior level from 11-15y/o but stopped playing for over 20 years. I recently felt the desire to start playing again and after online searching I made the decision to sign up to Costa del Tennis.

The tennis was fantastic with a good standard of play. Rhonda and Janaina made every effort to make you feel comfortable and at ease. They both provide a very friendly environment and the tennis facilities are excellent.The coaching by Rhonda was amazing and extremely detailed. She watches your every move, improving your technique and provides extremely useful tips to ensure your game improves.

Overall fantastic tennis experience and I absolutely recommend Costa del Tennis. I have already started playing regularly back in the UK.
Many thanks Costa del Tennis.

I will be booking the Barcelona camp and can’t wait.



tennis parents love tennis in spain for junior players

Arif from United Arab Emirates

Very humane organisation ( Costa Del Tennis ), with no compromises on the professional front. Nice website.


David from USA

I grew up playing competitive tennis, loved w passion. I went to college on a tennis scholarship.

Then came living in the city (not conducive to playing) and then family and non-stop work. Though I could roll out of bed and have access to 8 hard-true tennis courts I stopped playing other than occasional old man doubles – no challenge and definitely w/o the same enthusiasm.

Upon some on-line searching I made a decision in mid-August to sign up for Costa del Tennis adult tennis camp in Barcelona 3rd week Sept (same week I turned 50). I trained hard 3 weeks prior to help give my 20 year layoff and aged body best chance to hold up. I have such love for the game again, sucking up everything the staff had to offer which is lots!

I can’t say enough about Rhonda and the entire Costa del Tennis staff. They are amazing teachers and people. They provided detailed technical tips, reinforced with video analysis, great drills – I’m hooked again!!!

The other players who I didn’t not know prior felt like old friends from day one. That sounds strange but so true. We varied in age, ability and what we wanted out of this experience and it made no difference. Some of us went to the Barcelona vs Madrid soccer match (1-1 draw). For me, it was a life changing experience! I’m loving playing since I’ve been back and all their great tips are becoming more natural.

It’s even helped me make a more positive impact at my company.

Btw, I am signing up for the same camp again 3rd week February, this time in Grand Canaries…so looking forward to it!

Thank you Costa del Tennis!!!!



Juan Manuel from Mexico living in Canada

I do a tennis camp per year. I got the chance to attend quite a few in North America. Costa del Tennis was my first experience in Europe and it did not disappoint. I did the Barcelona session. I will admit I had to adjust my expectations because priorities, cultures and tennis technique focal points are very different in Spain.

The tennis club facilities are second to none. The clay is in impeccable shape and the facilities in general are really nice.

I personally loved the swimming pool for some lane workouts after a tough tennis session. I will say the camp started slowly and then exponentially got better and better.

The groups are smaller than those very commercial camps that entertain dozens and dozens of people.

I was expecting to be grouped with players of more or less the same skill level. Yet, the initial division was done just based on gender (women on one court, men on the other). That proved to be ok for coach-to-student drills execution, but did not work during drills or match time when students needed to rally balls against each other (the skill levels were too different; the women didn’t manage to achieve match play given the beginner nature of the group that arrived for our session).

Rhonda, the head coach and founder of Costa del Tennis, was amazing though. I hadn’t finished asking her on day one to talk about my concerns with the camp’s format before she had already seen the issue and started working on a solution right away. She immediately made sure that from day 2 and on I was paired with a coach that more than made up for the group’s skills differences. Everything flowed well from there on. Half of my morning was spent with Rhonda (Do you want your ass whipped and learn a lot about technique and strategy? You found the right coach) and the other half with one of her associate coaches (Carlos) who was excellent at fitness and court positioning. The moment match play also included coaching, the value of the instruction dramatically went up. I will close this review by saying that Rhonda and her team (including Jana, who is on top of everything logistics-related) were fabulous at making sure this camp was also an unforgettable social and travel experience. They suggested places to visit and joined the group for tapas and cava! Barcelona is simply incredible. My advice is: don’t be too shy to provide feedback to Rhonda and her team to make the experience feel more tailored to you.

Overall, I rank this tennis camp experience as top notch. The training was excellent (I had never won my club’s tournament…until now) and I made friends for life. I am planning on going back.




Gilles from Switzerland

Just returned from a perfect tennis-week in Barcelona!!!
Can’t imagine better and I wished my next camp would start tomorrow….
See you soon!

GILES // Switzerland

Natalia from Russia

I just wanted to say big THANK YOU for the greatest week of tennis! I loved everything about it: the coaching, the place, the atmosphere, and of course, the people. I see, that you really love tennis and that what makes us, your players, enjoy playing the game and willing to improve even more. Please, keep that! Please tell Sergi, that he is a great person and a great tennis player and coach! I’m sure if he continues, his kids will play in ATP Hope to see you some time soon! :***
P.S. David and I are seriously thinking about Gran Canaria in February

NATALIA// Russia

Julie from the UK

I was very impressed by the level of service provided by Rhonda and Jana, particularly the lengths you went to in finding indoor courts for Mark’s training session when outdoor play was rained off. The fact that tickets to the Barcelona Open were also included without charge was also a great bonus.
You work hard and have a great business. Both Mark and I really enjoyed our week and would have no hesitation in recommending you to our tennis-playing friends. We wish you every success in the future! Best wishes, Julie.



Mark from the UK

Very well organised and I was pleased to find that the standard was high and I was pushed physically.
Rhonda and Jana went beyond what I expected to keep us on court.
I can recommend Costa del Tennis to all Tennis players of a good standard.


Robert from UK

I had a great time at Costa del Tennis and it was just what I was looking for. In our group there was a wide range of skill levels, but Rhonda catered for everyone very well and I think everyone came away happy (many of the group are still in contact 4 months later!). No one knows quite what to expect going into it, but you will be put at ease very quickly.

The coaching is tailored and of a good level, but I can’t say whether the coaching is better here than you would get at any other tennis camp you might find. What you won’t find anywhere else is that Rhonda and Jana make it very personal. They make a point of getting to know each and every person in the group, and they absolutely go the extra mile to ensure that you have the best possible time on your trip both on and off the court. I would recommend Costa del Tennis to anyone looking to improve their game, to meet like-minded people, and to find the balance of hard work and relaxation that suits them.



Marion from Estonia

Summer, sun and tennis – 3 keywords of my ideal vacation! I participated in Costa Tennis tennis camp in February 2016 and it was one of the best vacations of my entire life. The weather was perfect, we spent 3 hours each morning on the tennis court and afterwards there was plenty of time to go to the beach or to sunbathe at the poolside before hitting the superb restaurants in the evening.

I have played tennis for almost 3 years: I can play but my technique needs improving. In the tennis camp I could concentrate on improving my shots and could play a few matches. Our group was of perfect size (4 people) so everyone had plenty of attention from our tennis pro Rhonda. Very well organized, super coach and a group of lovely people!

The tennis camp was really beneficial for me – I have started to pay more attention on my technique and am trying to put everything I learnt into practice.

It was quite difficult in the beginning but I do have a feeling that there has been some improvement.

I definitely want to participate again and recommend Costa Tennis tennis camps to all tennis lovers.


MARION //Estonia


Ville from Finland

I have not forgotten tennis and particularly you two! I eg played with the Finnish guy we met at the club in Maspalomas, he’s exactly at my level and we enjoyed excellent two hours at the court. I also met one old tennis friend and we check old tournament statistics and I realized that I had competed almost six years with shoulder problems before the operation. Talking about my serve, a huge thanks to Rhonda for having being so understanding, supportive, and giving great tips for my serve, I believe you might have given me the necessary faith for me to start serving again!

Most of all big thanks to you both for being so great, almost fell in love with you both ;), I really enjoyed your hospitality and the discussions on whatever topic. Hope to see you again soon!

VILLE// Finland

Sharon from Ireland

After looking forward to something for so long, the chances are that its just not going to meet expectations …absolutely not the case for us this week- I meant it when I said our expectations were exceeded on all fronts – we couldn’t have hand picked a better, more friendly and competent team if we tried…the weather was perfect, hotel superb , and we managed to eat great food every night ….

That’s not saying it’s an easy week though, it was certainly challenging (which we loved) and only on the way home did I actually compute how much techniques and drills we covered in a relatively short period of time…I’m just itching to get the racquet on my hand again and see what I can put into practice….

I’ve already casually mentioned the Barcelona camps so if my luck holds up, I am optimistic our paths will cross again – hopefully next year….Best wishes




Antonios from Greece

I had a great time there! I did the 5-day training program in Gran Canaria in December, and I enjoyed every bit of it! It was the most enjoyable tennis week I ever had! The people were great, and there was great attitude both from the coach and the participants.

The court was well maintained, and the weather was also perfect for training (around 20-22 degrees in the morning). And they can give you a ride if you stay in Las Palmas.

My coach was Rhonda, and I believe she’s a very good coach. She’s always actively involved in the exercises, very encouraging and although there’s a few people in the group, Rhonda will focus on each one individually and try to “read” their particular technique and work on improving/correcting that. The drills were fit for purpose, fun and also quite intensive at times. I liked the pace of teaching, and I think we were able to cover a lot of things during that week.

There was also a lot of strategy and practice about doubles, which was new to me and I found it very useful.

Costa del Tennis also works together with some local companies which arrange off-court activities, so you have the chance to do something different as well if you like. In general, highly recommended!

ANTONIOS // Greece

Paul and Alison from UK

We had a week in Gran Canaria staying in Las Palmas with 5 days of coaching with Rhonda. This was the perfect holiday for us … Some great coaching with Rhonda collecting us from the hotel every morning; plenty of time to relax and enjoy the island (we went on the tours that Were organised – both were excellent); and some great restaurants and bars to try in the evenings.

From the moment we arrived at the airport, Rhonda and Janaina made us feel welcome. By the time we’d arrived at our hotel, it felt like we knew Rhonda like an old friend. The coaching is great – we are both “club” players and Rhonda made sure we both benefitted from the advice she gave. She’s very quick to spot what you are doing that could be improved, helping and encouraging. So we both ended the holiday feeling refreshed and like we’d learnt enough to improve our games.

I cannot recommend this strongly enough. If you want a holiday with some tennis, some relaxation and an opportunity to see Gran Canaria the way very few people do, you can’t go wrong here.

Thanks again Rhonda and Janaina for making our brief time with you such great fun.



Class from Sweden

It can´t always be so easy for you and you made a good job! It´s not so easy this days to satisfy everybody in a group who are not connectet to each others.I like both of you, Janaina and Rhonda and wish the best for you both and your business.

I like serios people and think you have orginaize everything fine. Of course I’fond of free entreprenörs when I have worked in that kind of business most of My time. I am satisfied with our training and it´s a recit for me that my health is very good. I´m happy about that!




Claire from the Netherlands

We had a great time in Barcelona, thank you for all the lessons and effort. We learned a lot and (most importantly) had lots of fun!!
We’ve played quite a bit of tennis in the past weeks, trying to keep up the work. I’m already putting the tips and tricks to work “shoulders…hip” “bounce…hit”, and kicking ass at my tennis lessons

CLAIRE // Netherlands

Jofre Porta (coach to Nadal)

Happiness comes from both unconditional love and doing things correctly. We like to think our relationship with Costa del Tennis is a mix of both. The constant flow of tennis players that arrive and their excellent work is a constant encouragement for both our objectives.
Gracias Janaina, gracias Rhonda, Gracias Costa del Tennis!!!

tennis-academy-mallorca-spain (9)


Daniel from the UK

I had such a great experience of Costa Del Tennis I would happily recommend it to anyone who loves tennis and wants to improve their game.
The coaching was excellent, intensive but enjoyable and constructive, and I feel I have benefitted considerably as a result.



James from USA

Many years ago I used to attend summer tennis camps to stay competitive at the junior level. Now fast forwarding the clock to this year 2015, I had much more requirements than just to hit the ball for an excessive amount of hours, and have pizza at night.
I was in search of a tennis camp that was in an exotic destination, provided cultural experiences, world class fishing, fine cuisine, and intense tennis training that would elevate my skills and technique.
I spoke with USTA league coordinators, club owners, and other competitive players, yet not one camp nor tennis package was able to meet ALL requirements. After surfing the web further and intrigued to go back to Spain, I fell upon Costa del Tennis, as an exciting holiday and camp. To say the least, I am so pleased that I took the opportunity to attend Costa del Tennis Gran Canaria for almost two weeks. The camp and locale transcended all my requirements and expectations. First and foremost, the tennis. Rhonda’s coaching is outstanding. She committed so much time and attention in everything from drills in group and private lesson formats, match strategy discussions, match play, and video analysis. She transformed my game immediately for today and for the future. I cannot think of any minute detail that was not covered. Corrections and enhancements to my game are evident, and I am so appreciative to Rhonda’s time and efforts. In regards to Gran Canaria, Jana did a fantastic job getting my hiking tour to the volcano, vineyard excursions, and my marlin trip in the South of the island handled. She is a wealth of knowledge on what to do during the stay. Gran Canaria has so much to offer whether it be fresh seafood, the beach, the environment, or just simply a perfect climate. Costa del Tennis delivered a first rate experience of tennis and holiday that I am most appreciative of, and would recommend time and time again to anyone. Thanks to Rhonda and Jana.


Tom from USA

My experience with Costa del Tennis was excellent from start to finish! Both Janaina and Rhonda did an amazing job organizing and communicating everything I needed. They continued to email me during the trip just to check in and make sure everything was going well. I was impressed how they took a personal interest in my experience. The tennis club was fantastic and our coach Guillermo was awesome! He created a high energy, intense, and fun practice experience. If you want to improve your play and truly get an amazing workout….this is the place to be! I had always wanted to visit Barcelona while incorporating a tennis event. I chose to rent the apartment option which I truly enjoyed. The apartment was beautiful and located in a great neighborhood close to everything. As expected, the week went too fast but I’ll look forward to another visit in the years to come. I highly recommend Costa del Tennis for a tennis destination.
Tom McKinney NTRP 4.0 Los Angeles, CA



Morey from USA

I just spent 2 weeks in Gran Canaria. I am a former college tennis player who has played at tennis resorts and camps all over the US and I hit regularly with teaching pros at local clubs. I was a bit dubious and nervous about going to the Canary Islands for vacation to improve my tennis but I was so pleasantly surprised. My experience far exceeded all of my expectations. To begin with, the beauty and excitement of Gran Canaria is matched only by the beauty and excitement of the co-owners of Costa del Tennis, Rhonda and Jana. Rhonda is a bundle of positive energy that’s infectious. When you finally hit the ball “right” you’re treated to an approving smile that can make your day. Her teaching style is unique and refreshing. Her keen eye found small mistakes in my swing, toss and even grip that I’ve probably had since college. She focuses on individual needs and flaws vs the generic, one size fits all type of teaching. She really knows the game and is happy to share her knowledge in a way that’s both fun and productive. Rhonda’s from Philadelphia and her Spanish is almost as bad as mine but somehow she’s able to communicate with the locals with a few words, her incredibly expressive eyes and that smile! They love her. Jana is the exotic, soft spoken, Latin beauty that makes you fall in love with the Island as soon as you meet her. Her warmth and sophistication puts your fears at ease immediately, on a Spanish Island in the middle of nowhere. Her focus on detail is impeccable. From airport pick up to hikes to dinner plans. She was always available and immediately responsive to any requests or needs that I might have had and never made a bad recommendation. Her humilty is endearing but don’t be fooled. She makes a 3 hour hike up a steep ravine look like a walk in the park. The biggest and best surprise for me though was the Island itself. If all you want to do after tennis is sit on a beautiful beach, drink the best Mojito you’ve ever had and just relax, Gran Canaria has that too but there’s so much more. Between the amazing vistas, the dozens of beautiful and welcoming quaint towns (all with great bars), the unbelievable landscapes and breathtaking hikes, you could easily be here for 2 wonderful weeks and never need to go to the beach; but make sure you experience at least one sunset over the water. You won’t forget it. All the activities you’d find at any resort are available on the Island, plus. The restaurants are many and really good and there’s nothing that you can’t find in the stores. The prices for almost everything on the Island are suprisingly inexpensive and the locals are warm, friendly and helpful.
After 2 weeks I really didn’t want to go home.
Had amazing time. Thank you, thank you Rhonda and Jana. I will be back!!
Morey Levovitz – New York
one handed backhand



Julita from Ireland

A month ago I went to Gran Canaria for my 1st tennis holidays with Costa Del Tennis. I had there a few days of private instruction that was absolutely great and enjoyable. The tennis coaching was 1st class I improved my technic so much!!! It was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect place if you want to improve your tennis & also enjoy your time off the court. The hotel I stayed in, Western Hotel was really nice, clean and located just 5 min from the beach.

Really recommend I would definitely go with Costa del Tennis again.

Thanks Rhonda & Jana for the great & enjoyable time Thanks girl That was a great trip with the 1st class tennis instruction!!!

JULITA //Ireland

Maria Luisa from Spain

I’m a Spanish player with a good level of English. Traveling often between Gran Canaria and Madrid. I have always wanted to play tennis well. I have taken now 2 tennis camps in Gran Canaria with Costa del Tennis. The improvements I have made with Rhonda Costa on court have been fun and fast. I went from an average beginner to intermediate quickly! Now I’m confident playing doubles on court with people and I finally understand the game. She taught me strategy with technique from the beginning so I know why I’m making a shot – which one to use and when. My English has improved too!! Excited for the next one

Maria Luisa


François from Canada

I enjoyed my week with you a lot. You were very nice with me and I appreciated it very much. Rhonda you can pin point technical anomalies very fast . It help the player to understand and identify why some movements or hits feel odd or are not efficient. You are also a very patient professor. You have a way to make the people comfortable on the court as well. Big thank you to Jana as well. Thanks to transport me back and forth everyday. And checked for me differents little things during that trip. On your side, I hope you are doing fine overthere. I thougt your set up of living was great. And your environment was very fulfilling in many ways. Thanks you again for this fantastic week in Canaria islands!




Cissi from Sweden

Lukas and Matilda really enjoyed the tennis. Not only was coach Rhonda brilliant with the kids, the location was pretty and the courts were very good.

CISSI // Sweden

Freddy from Holland

Since I have taking a couples of tennis camps with Costa del tennis my confidance and tactieks are much better. Im 54 years old good level of tennis and hungry to learn. I found in Rhonda as a tennis teacher a good match for my tennis. Thank you Rhonda


FREDDY // Holland

Kevin from the UK

Had a great week of tennis in Gran Canaria last month (February 2014). The tennis coaching was very good and enjoyable as was the play. Costa del Tennis provided a really nice service with a personal touch. The hotel I stayed in, Santa Catalina, was lovely and right next door to the tennis club as well as being in a picturesque park.
I would definitely go on another trip with Costa del Tennis



Evgeny from Switzerland

Santa Catalina hotel is well located between the old city and the quarters closer to the beach making touring/sightseeing in Las Palmas easy.
Rhonda & Jana were supportive in everything incl. activities/accomodation outside of Las Palmas (I stayed in the south of the island for the second week), being customer-oriented and adding a personal touch. Definitely would recommend Costa del Tennis for tennis holidays.

EVGENY// Switzerland

Tim Martin from Luxembourg

I really can’t speak too highly of my week with Costa del Tennis on Mallorca: it was all I’d hoped for — and way more. With most of Europe just emerging nervously from COVID lockdowns, I was lucky to get there at all at the end of June. And when I did, I got a surprise: no other players that week. First of all I was hugely impressed that CdT hadn’t called it off. And then of course I was nervous. Wow, one-to-one training, for two or three hours, in the heat! I needn’t have worried. The trainer, Rudi, was everything a tennis trainer should be: attentive, skillful, knowledgeable, empathetic, eyes in the back of his head. Brilliant! I came off the court each day a little more confident and quite sure I was in the process of moving my game forwards. The hotel I stayed in (MiM) is a little jewel, newly refurbished and one of the best I’ve ever come across. Hats off, CDT: you’re a class act. I’ll be back.”

Tim Martin // Luxembourg