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Renting a car in Mallorca

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The luxury of renting a car in Mallorca is the flexibility and freedom to really SEE Mallorca.  Even better, it’s easy pretty inexpensive. For the most part the roads are in excellent condition, highways are toll-free and traffic is fairly light. We always advise players to rent a car when training at the tennis academy in Mallorca.

There are of course exceptions to this rule: notably on the MA-15 highway around Manacor, which can get extremely congested or along the east coast during high season. As cities go, Palma makes for reasonably stress-free driving.

If you want to go to more secluded beaches or mountain villages, then a car is really your best option. Roads to the extreme north-east beaches are unpaved and in some areas severely rough, beach roads on the south are better, but in some cases little more than dirt tracks, and those to the small coves along the west coast tend to be extremely steep and curvy.

That said, nothing is so bad it can’t be handled by a small, rental car, so it really comes down to how adventuresome you are as a driver. But in general the island is small enough to have dinner on one side while staying in the another. And always have a designated driver on hand…Mallorca takes responsible driving very seriously.

You can easily rent a car at Palma airport – no problem.  They have big named rental companies they do in the States, but check out Do You Spain and Amigo Autos, both companies have even better deals. Make sure to have your driving license, passport and be over 21 with a credit card.  If your under 25 yrs of age a few extra euros a day will apply and get the insurance!

Spain is a European country that not only requires a valid drivers license but  requires an International Driving Permit (some agencies may not require it but a police officer will).  You can get an IDP at your local AAA office for approx. $10-15.

Adding a GPS to your car rental adds some extra €…but it’s worth the peace of mind.



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