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The Red Clay garners its very own Bag Check!

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So when coming to play the clay…here’s your Bag Check for the day:

  1. Pack your patience – you’ll need it because points last longer than hard courts.

red clay courts, spain

  1. Be creative – leave your power game at home. You’ll need to construct a point – in order to finish it in your favor.
  2. Include your favorite spin – flat balls are relatively useless here.
  3. Prepare to slide – it’s part of the fun, footwork and balance.
  4. Be honest – clay surfaces show ball marks which override sketchy calls.
  5. Bring an extra pair of socks – you’ll get dirty. You’ll be one with the earth – it’s the best part!

One last thing, in the U.S.A.  it’s referred to it as red clay – but in Spain or France, you may hear it referred to it’s proper name of terre battue (France) or tierra batida (Spain).

If you’ve never played on red clay, you owe your body the experience. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, go one step further and play in Spain.

Want to play tennis with us in Spain?

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