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Adult Tennis Camps & Holidays

Portugal, The Algarve {Alvor}


Calling all tennis players! Are you ready to elevate your game while enjoying the sun-drenched landscapes of Portugal’s Algarve region? Look no further than Alvor, the perfect destination for intermediate adults seeking to improve their tennis skills and enjoy a sunny getaway.

Alvor offers a unique opportunity for tennis players to improve their skills year-round. Whether you’re part of a ladies’ team or a men’s league, Algarve’s clay courts provide an ideal setting to prepare for the upcoming tennis season. 

The inviting Mediterranean climate ensures comfortable temperatures ranging from 50°F (10°C) in February to a delightful 64°F (18°C) in March.

Beyond tennis, Alvor presents a variety of activities to complement your training schedule. During February and March, take leisurely walks along the scenic coastline, explore the town’s charming streets, and savor fresh seafood at local eateries. This is your chance to relax and recharge before diving back into your tennis routine.

Worried about costs? Fear not. Alvor offers an array of 4-star accommodations that cater to your preferences without straining your budget. From cozy boutique hotels to stylish resorts, you’ll find comfortable options that won’t compromise on quality. Plus, visiting during the off-peak season means you can enjoy affordable rates and still experience all that Algarve has to offer. Not to mention we have love discounts and we have them for you and they’re terrific off season!

So, pack your tennis gear and get ready to hit a lot of balls. Alvor welcomes you with its inviting clay courts, stunning views, and the promise of tennis improvement in a laid-back atmosphere. 

Whether you’re traveling with teammates, friends, or a significant other, this trip is your chance to enjoy both the game you love and the beauty of The Algarve. 

See you on court!

Hotel Pestana Properties

Hotel Pestana Praia 5 star
Hotel Pestana Praia 5 star
Hotel Pestana Dom Joao 4 star
Hotel Pestana Dom Joao 4 star

We chose Hotel Pestana Properties in the Algarve’s Alvor is ready for competition players looking for team training sessions on clay courts for pre-season tune-ups. The temperature in Winter sits around 15 C during the day and can drop down to 10 C at night.

We have agreements with these hotels for you to enjoy the best available prices.

Hotel Pestana Praia (5 star) 250 meters from the courts!

February 2024: 357 €  p/p (7 nights)

March 2024: 412 € p/p (7 nights)

Hotel Pestana Dom Joao  (4 star) 10 minute walk to tennis courts!

February 2024: 239 €  p/p (7 nights)

March 2024: 266 € p/p (7 nights)

Transport from FARO (FAO) airport

56 km from Alvor. The bus from Faro (FAO) to Alvor takes 2h 21m so we recommend renting a car to travel best. Ask us for out best recommendation!


Adult Coaching

Many times we’ve seen too many people on court, drills with little direction & fewer corrections being made.The work on court during a tennis camp or tennis holiday has to get done in a short amount of time with a result your happy & respond to.

When an adult player has an aha moment it’s pure Gold! They have different learning styles, levels of athleticism, and sometimes mental blocks. All of these varying characteristics lead to exciting challenges and most times we’re successful. Most importantly they come back and we now call them friends.Give an adult a new found confidence to join a club, play social tennis or feel healthy & in control of their game and somehow you’ve given them a new leash on life. There is no better reward.

What Our Players Say....

I enjoyed every minute.

Playing tennis, trying to get better, get exhausted, meet new people from different cultures, having a couple of drinks and good discussions.
This all makes me very happy!!! Can’t wait for my next camp…

"GILLES // Switzerland"


For me, it was a life changing experience!

I’m loving playing since I’ve been back and all their great tips are becoming more natural. It’s even helped me make a more positive impact at my company.
I’m hooked again!!!


Overall, I rank this tennis camp experience as top notch.

The groups are smaller than those very commercial camps that entertain dozens and dozens of people.

The training was excellent (I had never won my club’s tournament…until now) and I made friends for life.
I am planning on going back.

"JUAN MANUEL// Canada"


What we do


Get advice that’s right for you! Individual players require attention to detail and constructive coaching that encourages personal breakthroughs!

Good communication, listening and honesty from coaching aids in high percentage tennis weeks.

Set fun & focused goals and the sky’s the limit on tennis holidays. Ready, set, GO!


We only play in countries with a high level of coaching, energy and facilities.

Warm and friendly places where people are open & eager to play among our international community of players.

And lastly, beautiful places with good weather and beaches offering a terrific vacation for players of all budgets to enjoy.


We provide smart accommodation options including transportation pick-up points. But feel free to find your own.

Our recommended accommodations help with all budgets.

And our experience in each location will place you in the most desirable neighborhood for a fun local experience.


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