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Mallorca Tennis Coaching for Adults: Tips & Techniques

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mallorca tennis coaching for adults

Mallorca tennis coaching for adults is the ideal place to travel and train to improve your tennis game. Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic islands sits in the Mediterranean sea and is surrounded by beauty that knows no bounds.

This famous Balearic island is now Spain’s premier destination for international adult tennis players and travel lovers seeking to elevate their game in a gorgeous natural setting. Mallorca has surpassed Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid as the country’s top tennis hotspot.

Tennis holidays in Port de Sóller or Cala Millor offer a clear & distinct charm to adult players on opposite sides of the island.

Port de Sóller, located on Mallorca’s west coast, has an old warm Mallorquin essence around tranquility and activity. Meanwhile, Cala Millor is renowned for its sun-soaked 2 km beach vibes and long lazy promenade strolls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prices starting at 490 euros for a week-long tennis coaching course.
  • Comfortable & seafront accommodations available at 4-star hotels close to the courts.
  • Short transfer time from the airport to your hotel
  • Feel free to find your own accommodations if you prefer at no extra cost

Your Blueprint for Tennis Success: 15 hours, priceless tips – real improvement

Our week-long tennis coaching courses in Mallorca for adults are designed to cover every facet of your game.

Mornings are focused on your tennis strokes, footwork, court positioning, strategies for both singles & doubles, daily serving with a daily send off of live ball or friendly match to finish each daily tennis session.

Keeping player court ratios low ensures you hit a mountain of balls to drill down on what ails you.

For just 490 euros, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge accumulated from over 20 years coaching adult tennis holidays in the world’s top tennis destination, Spain.

mallorca adult tennis coaching holidays, Port de Soller

Port de Sóller: Where serenity meets activity

Nestled in the Mediterranean, Port de Sóller provides the ideal setting at Hotel Esport with 3 of the islands best tennis courts maintained to perfection. Our immersive 15-hour fundamentals tennis course, along with our extensive coaching experience ensures a truly personalized approach specific to adults.

In Port de Sóller we offer a handful of 15 hr. tennis holidays in (May – FULL), June, September & October 2024.

For those craving a livelier atmosphere, Port de Sóller combines focused tennis mornings with afternoons surrounded by exploration. The tranquility of the bay, the hotel grounds, beach promenade and town of Sóller via its vintage train, the majestic Tramontana mountains all beg for your attention.

Suffice to say, Port de Sóller is a very active place for adults brimming with variety, nature & old world charm everywhere, including easy entertainment on foot.

Enjoy cycling, watersports, and hiking in nature? Port de Sóller is your spot.

Are you drawn to the idea of a lazy, charming afternoon getting lost in Palma’s Old Town? Well, then you’ll find Port de Sóller promises to be a great holiday filled with unforgettable photos, cobblestone streets, and terrific shopping and cafes.

Port de Sóller : Top attractions

Port de Sóller Beach: Sink your toes into the golden sands of this beautiful bay. With crystal-clear waters and a backdrop of the Tramontana Mountains, it’s a haven for sunbathers and water lovers the same.

Sóller Railway: Take a nostalgic journey aboard the vintage Sóller Railway. The century-old wooden carriages transport you through picturesque landscapes, connecting Port de Sóller to the charming town of Sóller. Talk about 2 beauties side to side!

Castillo de Alaro: For history buffs, a hike to Castillo de Alaro rewards with panoramic views and the impressive ruins of a medieval fortress atop a mountain.

Sóller Church: Head to view the architecture of the Church of Saint Bartholomew in Sóller, a masterpiece combing Gothic and Baroque styles. A real statement piece in the area.

Mallorca tennis coaching for adults, cala millor, 2024

Cala Millor: Embracing tranquility & off-court activities

Mallorca tennis coaching for adults in Cala Millor happens on Mallorca’s East side. This is a spot known for laid back beach vibes, all day long, happily. Here’s some off-court activities happening in season (May – October) for Cala Millor.

Beach Bliss: Cala Millor boasts a stunning beach with golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Spend a day soaking up the sun, swimming, or trying water sports like paddleboarding and windsurfing.

Cycling Excursions: Explore the scenic landscapes surrounding Cala Millor on a bike. The area is known for its well-maintained cycling routes, allowing you to discover charming villages, coastal paths, and picturesque countryside.

Golf Getaway: Golf enthusiasts can tee off at one of the nearby golf courses. Enjoy a leisurely round surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of the Mediterranea

Boat Excursions: Discover the beauty of Mallorca’s coastline with a boat excursion. From relaxing catamaran trips to thrilling speedboat rides, there are options for every preference.

tennis coaching for adults in mallorca

Coaching Excellence: Your game, our expertise

In Cala Millor adults join our structured adult tennis camps (15 hrs.) with other international players, come with your own team or private group year round or come on your own at any time of year and take a package of our private lessons (490 euros for 7 hrs. private coaching).

For 2024, in addition to our regular programs, we’re also offering weekend tennis camps, giving you 7 hrs. on court in group lessons from Friday afternoon and finishing on Sunday for 295 euros. Head to our Mallorca page to see our weekend camp offerings.

We play on 5 gorgeous clay courts at the Hotel Palace 5 star hotel. Accommodations are across the street – a mere 250 meters to the courts in our 4 star Hipotel Hipocampo Playa. A comfortable sea front hotel with comforts from start to finish.

The success of our program lies in personalized attention and a commitment to your progress. With a focused 1:4 court ratio, we guarantee that every adult player experiences the transformative impact of dedicated coaching with a focus on you.

The goal of our adult coaching programs in Mallorca is to build your confidence, get you self coaching your way out of problems, teach you high % moves to make to win more tennis matches and ultimately get you playing more tennis. We won’t waste your time with endless technique talk. No. We work with what you already possess and tweak from there.

Our promise is to send you home with noticeable improvement in a week. Are you ready to improve your tennis game?

With love from Mallorca ~



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