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Junior Summer Tennis Camp – Tennis, Supercharged in Spain, Lets the Good Times Roll

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Tennis Camps for JuniorsJunior Summer tennis camps happen around the world on school breaks with the ultimate goal – to create a tennis program for high school players that keeps kids coming back to the game!

We’d be lying if we said Junior retention numbers globally weren’t decreasing during the Summer.  The sport has been in a state of decline with youth players for awhile and it’s time to get ‘real’.

Why not offer kids a chance to travel with friends  & teammates on a new level by sending them to experience tennis in Spain.  Spain tennis remains supercharged – letting the good times roll for kids.  Well, at least just behind futbol (soccer). They meet new friends and have a great overall experience with language, clay surface and overall fun travel experience.

Engaging kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds, utilizing progressive coaches teaching a uniform method, implementing friendly competitions suitable for everyone at their age and ability level will keep kids around longer. Keeping in mind we are growing a sport for the masses not solely for the next champion.

Junior Tennis CampJunior Tennis Camps in Barcelona in July!

A very popular Spanish camp for medium –  competitive players (High School) finds Barcelona where players get charged & ball it out on court having an absolute blast together by weeks end. Weekly competitions in July offer competitive players National tournaments chaperoned by coaches weekly in July 2017.

Accommodations are host families of club players or visiting families.  Junior tennis camps in Barcelona offer a full day on court including 4.5 tennis + physical training  + lunch + tournament.

Junior tennis camps Mallorca year round!

This program offers highly competitive players a chance to train under the watchful eye of Jofre Porta. Come here to know what the true life of a professional player is. This international boarding facility   trains hard with other international players and the contagious work ethic of Jofre’s team.

Zero frills with only 5 clay courts no pool and weekly training trips at the beach in Summer leaves players living as pros.

Kids are engaged, enthusiastic & limited on electronics during their training weeks. Activities off court in Mallorca are chaperoned with other players & coaches.

Best of all?  We offer visiting players 2 free private lessons per week with top coaches.

It pays to read the fine print 😉

To play at this local tennis academy click here.


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