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Travel Talk – Jarmere Jenkins

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Costa: When & where did you 1st travel abroad? What was your feeling & experience being abroad?

Jarmere Jenkins Tennis UVa Cavaliers USA College Team 2012

Jarmere: My first trip abroad was when I was 12 years old. I traveled to Tarbes, France to compete in Les Petite As, a premiere junior tennis tournament for 12-14 year old. I was very excited to travel with other friends of mine who played and the experience was eye opening for me. I did not win the tournament, but I remember feeling awkward with every single “normal” activity I did for the first three days because everything felt so different. The food taste different, the cars we drove in felt different, the balls we used for the matches, etc. All the things I took for granted back home had new meanings and experiences abroad.

Costa: Would you be attracted to traveling & playing on the red clay courts in Spain?

Jarmere: I would/am. I have competed in Barcelona before for the 16 and under Davis cup. I definitely lack the experience and expertise I need to be an elite competitor on the red clay courts of Spain, I wouldn’t consider myself stranger to them though.

Jarmere: Like I said I am a shy guy. Part of me loves to keep to myself and concentrate on the tournament first and part of me has a new love acquired from college of going out and immersing myself into the culture of whatever city I’m in. Mostly I like to stay in and watch movies or play video games unless I am in a tourist city. I remember leaving the French Open one-year and really regretting not having the chance to check out the Eiffel Tower. Since then, I try and go out and do whatever I can to have some connection or memory with the city.

Costa: Favorite / most desired travel destination?

Jarmere: I’d say Costa Rica so far. My coach at the time made a bet with Bradley and I that if we won the doubles tournament he would take us water rafting and zip-lining….

Costa: Who would your favorite travel companions be?

Jarmere: My closest brother Jermaine, coach or trainer, and one of my former teammates.

Costa: Do you consider travel important to you?

Jarmere: Yes! In a couple months traveling will be my job. It’s also important for me because it has become a part of who I am. Because I have traveled and been around so many cultures I have developed a very unique taste for food, music, clothing, etc. I have a taste for a bit of everything in me. I couldn’t picture limiting myself to just one place, just one culture.

Costa: Twitter handle?

@JarmereJenkins – Follow Jarmere on Twitter



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