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International Tennis Academy – How to stay on top.

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International Tennis Academies can be found in most countries these days trying to track the next Rafa Nadal. Typically it’s players  of all levels from around the world training together for the opportunity to spar players outside their own region or nation.  For competitive players it is important for one’s evolution in tennis.

While Spain has been leading for sometime now there are others right behind them;  France, Serbia and Switzerland to name a few.

International Tennis Academy – How to stay on top. International tennis academies success

international-tennis-academiesOne of the reasons for Spain’s success with so many top players is the training conditions, trainers & solid infrastructures.

College tennis in the USA is stacked with International players who decide not to try the tour yet desire to continue playing competitive tennis while earning an education.  These players add quality of play a strong work ethic and different playing & training styles for added diversity.

Playing at an international tennis academy allows you to taste the life of a professional player

Pros must handle travel, jet lag, nutrition, court surfaces, schedules and cultures while still playing optimal tennis.  Chances are if you’re attending an international tennis academy you’re playing international tourneys to compliment the experience.

tennis-academy-internationalA balanced social life is also essential to a successful life.  While players off-court are typically board at an international tennis academy, they’re always interacting with different customs, languages and making new friendships.

At Costa del Tennis we’re all about international players. We receive adult players from all over the world at our tennis camps in Spain and now, Sarasota Florida.

For our juniors we partner with the Rafa Nadal Academy, Equelite and Celsius tennis academy in Florida with the possibility to train and compete with other top juniors around the world – full time!

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Whether you’re a world traveler or prefer a comfortable life surrounded by family & familiarity, training with international players of any level can only bring you benefits.

Want to play tennis with us in Spain?

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