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How to Play Tennis: Tennis Tips for Beginners Who Mean Business

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How to play tennis

Ever felt the pang of envy watching tennis matches, wishing YOU could effortlessly swing a racket and win the game? The struggle is real for adults thinking of learning how to play tennis, but so is the desire to conquer the court. If the thought of playing tennis as an adult feels like navigating uncharted territory, fear not – you’re not alone.

Since 2012, we’ve been hosting tennis holidays for adults in Spain and Portugal, organizing games by skill level. Post-COVID, we’ve noticed a shift in the adult tennis scene . A surge of beginners who fell in love with the game during or after the pandemic. What’s remarkable is their enthusiasm. They’re younger than the usual newcomers. And they’re already taking adult tennis camps.

Despite their adoration, there aren’t many beginner-friendly tennis holidays out there – but there should be. Excited about the influx of new players, we’ve crafted a free online tennis course designed specifically for adult beginners.

As players progress to the beginner- intermediate level, what some players call ‘improver‘ we’ve observed some missing or shaky foundational elements in their game. Let’s be honest, tennis is considered tough to learn, but it’s also known as a lifelong sport. Understanding this practical aspect should ease the learning journey.

Mastering tennis becomes challenging without strong foundations. What are these foundations? They involve basic tennis strokes, the right grips for those strokes, understanding how to keep score, and playing in a way that minimizes injury risks. Since tennis relies heavily on repetition, practicing with the correct form and grip is crucial for improvement.

Every adult should have the ability to sit courtside, watch a match, and DECIDE the kind of player they want to become. With the right foundations, this becomes possible. Remember, you have a lifetime, even as an adult, to achieve your tennis goals. The tennis lifestyle is the icing on the cake!

Indie Tenis is our other site dedicated to juniors & adult tennis camps.

How to play tennis - focus on the fundamentals

How to play tennis focus on the fundamentals is 100% meant for you to take at home in the cozy comforts of your own schedule. It’s organized by progressions for each tennis stroke. We keep the technical tennis talk to a minimum because it’s boring and loses people. And we pride ourselves on being able to keep tennis as approachable and down to earth as possible.

We introduce you to every single thing you should be hearing & seeing in an adult tennis lesson at home or especially in a group clinic with other adult beginners. If you’re not hearing these things in your lessons that’s a red flag. And wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s ahead? If this is something you really want to do? And if it seems possible? Believe me it’s possible.

The course is specific to adults and includes shadow strokes by Spain’s maverick coach, Jofre Porta.

Jofre took both Rafa Nadal and Carlos Moya to ATP#1 – a pretty incredible feat. He’ll shadow your strokes and then myself and another coach will walk you through the details of each stroke including footwork and basic strategies it’s never to early to learn. We’ll also talk court geography and tennis playing grips.

Tania Rada is a yoga instructor for athletes. She walks you through a some pre-set stretching moves specific for tennis players prior to hitting your 1st ball. She finishes the course off with a cool down yoga set for what you should do after play. We added these modules because we don’t want to see adults suffer injuries.

Tennis doesn’t see half the injuries we’re seeing now in pickleball but we do hope this helps.

Anyway, here’s a short video from the How to Play Tennis course. There’s a transition grip change between the forehand and backhand tennis strokes and we’re seeing a lot of players not understanding the difference.

Adult Tennis Gear: Choosing the perfect tennis racket and shoes for your game

how to play tennis, gear

Getting started in tennis is a breeze with the right gear. And you don’t need much when you begin.

Your tennis racket is your trusty sidekick on the court, so finding one with a weight and feel that suits you is key. That means before you invest in a tennis racket, demo them. That’s right, there are online tennis stores that will ship you rackets you want to try out before you buy for a nominal fee.

Finding the right tennis racket is like picking the perfect dance partner. You want that harmony. Test a few out and go with the one that feels like an extension of your arm.

Next up, don’t underestimate the power of the right tennis shoes.

Courts can be tricky, and you’ll want an all-court shoe that provide solid support. Think of them as your tennis armor, helping you move confidently and stay on your feet during those quick sprints.

So, find a racket that feels just right & lace up shoes that have your back and you’ll be learning, improving and PLAYING in no time! And getting you to actually be able to play is our intention. Our goal is to get you playing tennis because that’s where the fun, friends, travel, events and overall tennis life take over.

So please don’t let tennis or people tell you tennis is hard to play as an adult.

Who do you think is carrying this game anyway? It’s the adults! Because you adults stay in the game, grow it and thrive on its healthy vibrant lifestyle.



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