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High school tennis camps ~ The wonder years on and off court

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tennis camps high school

High school tennis camps in Europe

High school tennis at times mirror USTA  LTA events watching top schools from the sidelines. Many kids from the age of 15 – 18 have been playing the game most of their lives so the competition can be strong.

My own high school team had 3 top USTA players so  playing #3 singles was a struggle at times to maintain my position.  And it was stressful, competitive but a good experience!

In today’s class, the operative word is …experience!

These days it’s all about having experience, from pre-college enrichment programs to volunteering for X-Y & Z. The more experiences you have under your belt the better the image to a college coach that you’re ready, willing an able to be part of the team. If your impending goal is to play college tennis, it’s great to get familiar with international players who live & breathe for the chance at an education through a college scholarship. These kids come with their own worldly experience which drives them in a different way, but no less a strong way. Costa del Tennis values international competition and it’s why it’s so prevalent in our programs in Barcelona, Mallorca and Gran Canaria.

What would you like to see more of from high school athletes?

high school tennis camps
“In terms of tennis development, I’d like them to play more tournaments outside the USA or their region. Too often, they are playing the same players, which will be very different in college with all the international athletes and older/younger Americans.”

UCSB Women’s tennis coach, Simon Thibodeau

The cool thing about high school tennis is the team experience. Winning feels better because in essence you’re wining twice! You’re playing for more than just yourself. College coaches appreciate kids who have experienced feeling the pressure, successes and failures that come with playing on a team. Best of all, team spirit can be second to none. When I do college tennis interviews for Costa del Tennis, players are most in awe of the team camaraderie & support systems around them. Coaches also appreciate leadership roles. It shows organizational skills, maturity and decision making.

Remember – Coaches are looking for wins too!

high school tennis camps 2

Experiencing the coaching systems & match play associated with Costa del Tennis high school tennis camps adds to your tennis experience tenfold! You’ll not only compete against international players but you’ll experience their training methods and disciplines.

You’ll learn what the sport means in other parts of the world and how it drives players to be the best. You’ll feel a whole new court surface which works your all-court game, not just your killer forehand! You’ll experience advanced movement because tennis is a footwork game first and a hitting game second. And you’ll learn how to construct a point & hopefully finish it in your favor.
Afterwards, as you’re crafting your college essays, remember your high school tennis camp in Spain. You’ve experienced international tennis on today’s top platform, practiced your language skills on a whole new level and crossed paths with beauty in architecture & art. You’ve tried food that’s simple yet delicious. Most importantly, you’ve felt and explored a friendly culture that is not your own and welcomes you back!

These camps will certainly not be your typical high school tennis camps 🙂

What’s included and prices

Costa del tennis offers high school tennis camps truly unique. We invite you to take a closer look!



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