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Gran Canaria Tennis Holiday 2024: A sunny tennis experience for adults

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Gran Canaria tennis holiday 2024

Serving Sunshine and Smashes

Gran Canaria Tennis Holiday 2024 in the south of the island where the sun always shines! A smart spot to jet to when Winter is pounding Europe with cold temps and outdoor tennis. I’ve been serving up the perfect blend of sun-soaked courts and expert coaching since 2012.

As the Tennis Director, I can attest that our adult tennis programs are 100% about improving your game for match play but also introducing players to the vibrant culture & active lifestyle that this island has to offer. While your home courts may be buried under snow, our courts bask in the warm glow of the Canarian sun.

The Allure of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria tenis holiday south

What makes Gran Canaria so special? It’s not just the terrific tennis facilities, but the island’s unique blend of culture, entertainment, and natural beauty. The proximity of Gran Canaria South to the LPA international airport ensures an easy journey from Europe to the tennis courts in no time.

Beyond the courts, immerse yourself in the rich Canarian culture. Explore charming villages, historic sites, and local markets. The island’s diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to dramatic sand dunes, offer a visual plethora for the senses.

Gran Canaria South is not just about sports & scenery; it’s a lively hub of entertainment. From bustling nightlife to cozy cafes, and an array of international restaurants, there’s something for every taste. Engage with fellow Europeans seeking an affordable and sunny escape, creating a melting pot of cultures and experiences.

Gran Canaria South Tennis Program

Gran Canaria tennis holiday (south) adult program

Tennis Coaching

A tennis holiday in Gran Canaria 2024 offers you an immersive tennis experience with 15 hours of coaching, priced at an exclusive rate of 490 euros per player. Our expert coaches guide you through skill refinement and game enhancement, focusing on building consistency, power, and balance to elevate your accuracy on the court.

Schedule and Logistics

Tennis lessons take place from Monday to Friday, starting at 10:00 am and concluding at 1:00 pm. To maximize your experience, players typically check-in on Sundays and check out on Saturdays. On Fridays, we offer a complimentary video analysis session, providing valuable insights for continued improvement back home.

Training Focus and Player Attention

Our tennis program spans a full week, concentrating on each tennis stroke to enhance consistency and power. Daily sessions include personalized attention to your serves before engaging in Liveball or match play. With a cap of 12 players per week and a court ratio never exceeding 1:4 players, we ensure each participant receives the individualized attention necessary for optimal improvement.

Upcoming Tennis Holidays

  • December 18 – 22: Intermediate Players
  • January 8 – 12: Intermediate – Advanced
  • February 5 – 9: Beginner-Intermediates
  • March 11 – 15: Intermediate
  • April 8 – 12: Intermediate Players

Court Surface and Private Lessons

Our courts feature an artificial grass surface, lightly sanded to emulate clay, offering a comfortable and body-friendly playing experience. For those seeking personal attention, we offer private lesson packages at an unbeatable rate of 7 privates for 490 euros, including of the court fee.

Join us for a tennis holiday like no other, where the sun, skill, and serenity of Gran Canaria South converge to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re refining your game, enjoying the vibrant culture, or basking in the warmth of the Canarian sun, our tennis program promises to be the ace up your sleeve for 2024. Secure your spot now and let the game begin!



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