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Fix Your Tennis Game: Choose the Right Adult Tennis Camp

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fix your tennis game in an adult tennis camp

Game off? You know it when it is. And in order to fix your tennis game quickly learn how to choose the right adult tennis camp to get it done – fast.

Ever had those days that turn into months when your game just isn’t clicking? We’ve all been there. The court can be a tough place when things aren’t going your way. But fear not! In tennis, we all experience those off-days. It’s a natural part of your game’s evolution. It’s called a tennis slump for a reason. If it’s your 1sts slump it won’t be your last. True story. But there’s hope!!

Let me clue you in on a little secret. Tennis is a lifestyle game. It’ll take a lifetime to master. That’s why we get involved. It’s a game MADE for adults.

Even the pros, your favorite players, will be the first to admit that their game breaks down more often than you might think. The difference? They have the luxury of time to fine-tune their skills and get back on track.

Now, for us adults, time is a precious commodity.

When your game needs a quick fix, you need to choose the right adult tennis camp. That’s where we come in. We host camps in the beautiful settings of Spain & Portugal. We specialize in helping adults pull themselves out of the dreaded tennis slump.

At our camps, we understand the urgency of getting your game back on track fast.

Court ratios: The smaller the better

Let’s talk about a crucial factor that can make a real difference in your game – the court ratio.

Imagine you’re at an adult tennis camp or on tennis holiday, focused on fixing what ails you with 5 days to do it.

Think about how many balls you can actually hit if there’s a crowd on the court. Too many players means too few balls to improve, right?

I’ve seen up to 7 players on a court with just 1 coach. That might be okay for some laid-back fun, but if you’re serious about your game, it’s a bit nutty. I call it “shits & giggles tennis”. Lots of hitting drills, not much coaching and almost no improvement. Coaches sometimes dish out compliments left and right, but how does that help when you’re not getting effective feedback?

Here’s the deal, if you’re aiming to enhance a specific aspect of your game, you need emotionally intelligent coaches who take adult tennis seriously.

Forget about the “everyone’s a winner” approach – you need someone with a sharp eye to spot your issue and give you a solution.

Now, about that court ratio. Never settle for more than 4 players on the court with you.

Aim for a 1:4 ratio or, where the magic really happens, a 1:3 setup.

Sure, it means less cash for me, but the satisfaction of seeing players noticeably improve is worth it. Word spreads when players go home happy & improved, and that’s the kind of buzz I want when you head back home and your friends notice you’ve noticeably improved.

Coaching: The right coaching will guide you to your best

Let’s dive into the distinction between coaching adult tennis players and juniors. When it comes to fixing your game, having coaches who specialize in working with adults is key.

Unlike juniors, adults often need a different approach that goes beyond just telling them what to do. It requires a unique emotional intelligence to collaborate effectively with adults, understanding that patience is crucial.

Adults may or may not be chasing the latest trends.

They’re focused on fixing specific aspects of their game to become the player they want to be. It’s about simple fine tuned coaching methods to align with player goals and finding what they do best, then capitalizing on it. And by weeks end getting the adult player to believe they can do it without you back at home.

Playing Levels

When it comes to adult tennis camps, many companies overlook the importance of specifying playing levels. We prioritize organizing our tennis camps and tennis holidays based on playing levels to ensure well-balanced match play.

While it might not be a big deal during drills, playing at the right level becomes crucial when match time rolls around.

Players thrive when engaging with opponents at their level or slightly above, fostering faster improvement.

In the adult tennis realm, the sweet spot often lies at the intermediate level. Meaning that’s where the bulk of adult players are at around the world in terms of playing level. That’s why a majority of our camps cater to this skill level.

Beginners, still finding their footing on court, typically aren’t jetting off to adult tennis camps like the more seasoned players.

Within the intermediate playing level, there’s a wealth of diversity, and our coaches strategically set up courts to maximize each player’s experience, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their time on the court.

Foundations First

how to fix your tennis game in the right adult tennis camp

Many adult tennis camps focus on drills and offer some court time in the afternoon for playing with fellow adults.

However, if you’re serious about improving your game, you need a solid foundation. A foundational course is essential because it’s often the basics that need fixing and rebuilding.

To make the most of your tennis camp, ensure it covers all the fundamental strokes, the associated movements, and the strategies that complement each stroke.

For instance, if you’re practicing forehands, the camp should teach you the best footwork and tactics for different situations. Your game should make sense to you, so it’s crucial to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing on the court.

I always advise my players to approach lessons with seriousness, as if their goal is to play in a league.

Knowing how to play matches is essential. Even if your personal intention is just to have a good workout or play with friends.

Paying attention during lessons, staying engaged, and asking questions will help you understand what’s happening on the tennis court. It doesn’t make your lessons harder. it simply puts your investment to work.

It keeps the coaches on their toes too 🙂



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