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College tennis camps – Players train offseason like pros in preparation for life.

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college-tennis-campA GREAT time in life is playing college sports in the USA. For college tennis players to travel and stay connected to their teammates & their game they typically play dual matches on Spring Break.  Well at least Division 1 & 2.

Other divisions would enjoy  travel abroad during Spring or Summer breaksbut they’re limited due to hectic school years.

Week long College Tennis Camps are a great way to prepare for the start of the new tennis season, expose kids to international tournament play and expose coaches to top training refreshers to prepare for their physical, mental and overall training season Players getting away with teammates to Europe find a totally unique cultural experience and serious bonding time.

How many times do you see, let alone play, on a red clay court surface?

Red clay courts are a novelty in the States. It’s a shame opportunities are limited with this surface – which lends to American tour players showing poor results in European tournaments. It’s hard to compete on something you can’t practice on! And even if most of us aren’t headed on tour, what I will express is… how much fun it is to get dirty on the dirt. Quite honestly it’s a blast!

High level of competition

Costa del Tennis College Tennis Camps are the perfect place for teams looking to include matches during their trip as the competition with Spain’s top ranked & international players is high.

Unparalleled coaching & competition make the tennis experience simply the very best for frequent club players 3.0 + through the most sought after competitive NCAA & Tour Players.

college-tennis-camps2College Tennis Camps in Spain – Split from the ordinary!

Experience college tennis camps offering outstanding coaching and a dynamic court surface on red clay.

It’s definitely not your typical tennis camp and I can’t say enough about the food and things to see & do off court on the Mediterranean.

All locations – Mallorca Island, Barcelona and Gran Canaria – are jammed packed with fun and sight seeing opportunities.

And feel free to ask us for all the direction you need. We’ll be happy to point you on your way to whatever piques your interest!

Enjoy the adventure ~

What’s included and prices

Each tennis destination offers college tennis camps truly unique for your tennis break experience. We invite you to take a closer look!
Tennis Camps – Barcelona
Tennis Camps – Mallorca Island



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