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How to weed out the relentless Summer Tennis Camp offers

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Why is it that something as fun as Summer Tennis Camps can cause such unbelievable stress?

Personally I find the amount of options utterly overwhelming!

It’s a never ending maze of research, reviews, budgeting and that ultimate decision that will make us ALL happy!?

Parents, we know it’s not easy. There’re too many options – and too little time.

From Christmas on we start getting bombarded with Summer Tennis Camp options for our kids.

We’ve no sooner pulled the last ornament from the Christmas tree when we start seeing Summer camp ads demanding a deposit to be made!

But the problem is – How do you pick the right one?

How do you slam-dunk a good destination that works for both you and your children?

Everyone seems to be doing more of the same! SNORE.

best Spanish summer tennis camps

Most programs seem to emphasize quantity over quality, instead of personalization, which should always be the focus of any successful program.

Summer’s always been a ‘FAV’ Family Season because it means Vacation! And Vacation should always be special since we don’t get a lot of it.

STILL on the Fence for next year?

Have you thought of doing something really far out for the family this year? The kids itching for a new spot?

I know a place you can head to on a shoestring budget you might be interested in!?

A place time & again written up in travel magz, always drawing curiosity and intrigue over its landscape, foods & friendly atmosphere.

It’s a big one… the Mediterranean. Yeah, I know it still puts a smile on my face. And I live here.

The destination I’m about to tell you combines:

  • A great vacation spot
  • Accommodation in one of the best cities in the world
  • Local restaurants
  • Superb tennis program for junior players

You’re probably wondering what place would have all this. Here it goes..It’s in Barcelona, Spain.


Barcelona is not only a junior tennis mecca but its architecture and beaches grab families for a host of reasons.

To play at this local tennis academy click here.

And the Tennis? Here’s how it Works

Tennis is sorted & structured by level and age. Kids can play all day belting balls either learning or mastering the game making new worldly friendships!

From June 26 – July 31, 2017 programs include tennis instruction and fitness.

If your child plays competitively, tournaments are played at surrounding host clubs within Barcelona and coaches take players direct from training when it’s time to compete.

They don’t compete? No problem they can choose all day training.

In Spain repetition is King. And live Ball is where all that repetition gets put into practice.

Be aware! There is daily physical preparation. This is an important element to the training and separated by age and ability level.


Kids are challenged with new styles, surfaces and have an experience of playing abroad.

Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced player they’re going to want to take the most out of the experience.

They have everything at the club kids could possibly need (lunch, pool, gym, restaurant, etc). And you can have it too!

Now it’s your turn to take the lead. Have fun!

To play at this local tennis academy click here.


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