Adult tennis camps holidays

Tennis Camps & Tennis Holidays

For International Adult Players


Get advice that's right for you!  Individual players require attention to detail and constructive coaching that encourages personal breakthroughs!

Good communication, listening and honesty from coaching aids in high percentage tennis weeks.

Set fun & focused goals and the sky's the limit on tennis holidays.  Ready, set, GO!


WE only play in countries with a high level of coaching, energy and facilities. 

Warm and friendly places where people are open & eager to play among our international community of players.

And lastly, beautiful places with good weather and beaches offering a terrific vacation for players of all budgets to enjoy.


We provide smart accommodation options including transportation pick-up points. But feel free to find your own.

Our recommended accommodations help with all budgets.

And our experience in each location will place you in the most desirable neighborhood for a fun local experience.

Tennis Camps for Adults

How we do it

Simply put. Costa del Tennis designs unique tennis camps in beautiful places. Great instruction. Small groups & court ratios. International players. Local culture.

They say opposites attract. We say like minded lasts.

Well, if you've landed here we're probably pretty like minded & off to a good start.

We both love tennis and quite possibly, travel.

We've found connecting people from around the world through tennis brings instant connection.

Tennis & travel tend to magnify human emotions. They open you to new cultures, challenges and friendships.

An opportunity to stretch your game & life exponentially.

It’s true, We've seen this time & again on tennis holidays.

This complex sport is best taught with simplicity under the sun.

We'll maximize your balance, get you playing consistently and round out your accuracy so you're in control during and after your tennis camp. The best part? You'll find yourself self coaching your way out of those 'tough' moments.

And as you return home you'll find an ongoing love affair with the sport & travel.

Costa del Tennis

What they say about playing tennis abroad with us


For me, it was a life changing experience! I’m loving playing since I’ve been back and all their great tips are becoming more natural.
It’s even helped me make a more positive impact at my company. I’m hooked again!!!

David - USA


Overall, I rank this tennis camp experience as top notch. The training was excellent (I had never won my club’s tournament…until now) and I made friends for life.

I am planning on going back.

Juan Manuel - Canada


I enjoyed every minute. Playing tennis, trying to get better, get exhausted, meet new people from different cultures, having a couple of drinks and good discussions. This all makes me very happy!!! Can’t wait for my next camp…

Gilles - Switzerland

Not everything is tennis

Off-court we enjoy a coffee, drink or dinner with players that visit us from all over the world.

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