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Tennis Camp Spain

Spain is a country that values simplicity, determination and dignity unifying the sportive life with an individual’s own personality. They recognize the importance of developing the person first and player second.

Best of all, they love it!  They really enjoy creating & teaching their methods to experienced players.  It’s all very contagious!!

The Spanish Tennis Sensation Rafa Nadal seemed to solidify Spain as the most ‘En Vogue’ tennis spot in the world right now!  But the list of Spanish tennis champions is long. Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Juan Carlos Ferrero, David Ferrer, Carlos Moyá – to name a few.  The nation boasts a staggering 15 touring pros in the Top 100 ATP rankings.

So where are the best Tennis Camps in Spain?

It’s no secret they’re sprinkled throughout Barcelona, Valencia and Mallorca which also rank as ideal travel destinations – and we  think we’ve captured the best!

tennis camps in spainAs a teaching pro, players ask constantly, ‘where should we go for our next tennis holiday?’  I inevitably respond based on group personality, level and dynamic – where I’ve played myself or had quality referrals from people in the industry- I trusted. Never trust an agency representing many – chances are they’ve never set foot on the property.

My only dilemma?  Where to send them for tennis camps in Spain not only with top tennis but a unique experience.

My clients have ambitious lifestyles, and not only on court!

I wondered why people in the States, year after year, chose adult tennis camps in the same resorts & locations like Florida, Hilton Head & Texas with marginal excitement?

And I realized, people just didn’t know – let alone research options outside the US.  And there are truly frequent players who LOVE to travel!

I thought, who wouldn’t want to play the Mediterranean and explore Mallorca Island afterwards?

Who wouldn’t want to play Barcelona‘s top coaches & players and ‘go for tapas’ afterwards?

The beauty of tennis is its international appeal.  People around the world truly LOVE & know tennis as a primary sport.  And we love connecting those players to Spain’s best coaches in a warm & friendly culture!

Tennis Camps in Spain with Top instructional program

tennis-camps-spainI personally require a top instructional program.

I truly believe this is what differentiates a great tennis holiday from a disappointing one and tennis camps in Spain are abundant but do your research first.

Barcelona Tennis Camps are held in a good facility with high level players looking for competitive friendly games.

Our Tennis Camp in Mallorca  is terrific.  The improvement of your game is guaranteed at this intimate intense academy with the best coaching on the Island certainly.

Off-court experience

Our other hope is you require is a great off court experience. I like to know that wherever my interest lies… my destination has me covered.

The Mediterranean is simply magnetic enough to attract everyone!

The best Tennis Camps on the red clay courts of Spain!

So pack your passport and spice it up!!  Experience the most modern avant garde systems out there. Do something different.  Travel with teammates, mixed couples, coaches!

That’s why Costa del Tennis chose Spain’s tennis camps for adults on the European red clay courts.  The red looks, feels and plays differently, not to mention its benefits:best tennis camps in Spain

  1. Prepares players with a sound foundation of movement and balance skills.
  2. Aids in the development of a complete game.
  3. Allows players to slide into shots, reducing stress on the body.
  4. The beauty of the clay.


Barcelona Tennis Camps
Mallorca Tennis Camps

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